Latin flower name
"to sprout"

Bryony Origin and Meaning

The name Bryony is girl's name of Latin origin meaning "to sprout".
Bryony is an unusually strong plant name --the bryony is a wild climbing vine with green flowers --that caught on in the U.K. before sprouting here. The name of the young character in the Ian McEwan novel Atonement is spelled Briony, which is the variation and Bryony the original.

Bryony sounds a lot fresher than the now dated Brittany. Pronunciation is like Brian with an ee at the end, though the name bears no relationship to the male Brian or Bryan.

Bryony Popularity

20 Names Similar to Bryony

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Famous People Named Bryony

  • Bryony LaveryBritish playwright
  • Bryony GordonEnglish journalist
  • Bryony Elisabeth ShawEnglish Olympic windsurfer
  • Bryony AffersonEnglish actress
  • Bryony Rebecca CorriganEnglish Actress
  • Bryony HannahEnglish actress
  • Bryony BrindBritish ballerina
  • Bryony Kate Frances PageBritish individual trampolinist

Bryony in Pop Culture

  • Bryonychildhood name of the main character in R.J. Anderson's "Knife"
  • Bryonywrapping elf in animated film "Arthur Christmas"
  • Bryonymouse character in Brian Jacques' "Outcast of Redwall"