Nameberry Names: The latest batch of babyberries

You’ve recently seen the girls’ and boys’ names that have been looked at most often on Nameberry: For the winners of our Guess Name #101 contest, scroll to the end of this blog!  Now here is our quarterly report of the names actually used for babyberries, as reported on our Birth Announcement forum since October. (Take this as a reminder to share your news there when you have a new arrival.)

As before, this is a gorgeous bouquet of names, with a great mix of the classic and the adventurous (Hi there, Hezekiah!), which together display the sensibility we think is uniquely Nameberry, stemming from our strong community of supportive, kind and gentle, exceptionally wise and savvy opinion-sharers.

With all this richness it’s interesting to note how few repeated first name choices there are—Florence, Louisa (and Luisa), Penelope, Miles, Wren, and Simon. We’ve added sibling names where available so you can see how these choices fit into their families.


Alice Rochelle, sister of Isabella Grace, Camden Bjorn and Jensen Magnus

Anaya Breana, sister of Maylasia and Teyana

Ani Ilys, sister to Kairi Xia and Ella Q

Aria Niamh and Rhiannon Iris, twin sisters of Liam Atherton, Isla Maeve and Calum Alasdhair

Beatrix Helen Lucille

Caellia Christabel

Charlotte Daniela

Christine Eleanor Angel

Clementine Pearl

Cora Violet, sister of Isla Marie.

Daphne Willow, sister of Lorelei Sierra

Eleanor Charlotte, twin sister of Sebastian Leo, and younger sister of Edward Dominic, Adelaide Bellatrix, Isaac Ambrose and Oliver August

Electa Seraphine (Ellie Boo), sister of Evangeline Sophia(Eva) and Emmerson Paige (Emme)

Eloise Cleo Bellamy, twin of Wren Charlotte Amity (Birdie), and sister of Harrison Rigby and Miller Theo

Eliza Corinne, sister of Christian Andrew

Emme Ariel Ruby, sister of Georgia Hope

Esme Helena, sister of Isla Phoebe

Everly Belle

Florence, twin sister of Jane

Florence Eloise Eva, sister of Helena Johanna Lily

Frances Cecily

Freya Violet and Sylvie Janie, twin sisters of Liv Isabel.

Harriet Dawn, sister of Sebastian James and Oliver Morris

Hazel Eve, twin sister of Simon Gil and sister of Asher Dov

Helena Blythe ( nn Nell)

Iris Yarkor, sister of Ava Yarley

Isadora Lilia Monet

Jane, twin sister of Florence

Josephine Rae

Jupiter Mae, sister of Autumn Indigo

Lorelei Ann, sister of Sydney Jo

Louisa Claire

Louisa Hermione

Lucia Elizabeth, sister of Portia Magdalena and Ambrosius Robert Richard.

Lucinda Rose

Luisa Nalatia

Lydia Noelle

Magnolia Tianin

Mariama Dove Ryan, sister of Amira Fleurette

Mila Juliette

Miriam Elodie

Noa Rose

Norabelle Mary, sister of John Patrick and Harvey Peter

Odessa Wren

Olyvia Auden

Patricia Jane, sister of Marion Linnell and Bettina Lynn

Penelope Athena, sister of Daphne Jane and Olive Estella

Penelope June, sister of Phoebe Rose

Philippa Maeve (nn Pippa), sister of Caitlin Mary

Phoebe Helen

Rhiannon Iris and Aria Niamh, twin sisters of Liam Atherton, Isla Maeve and Calum Alasdhair

Scarlett Mahealani, sister of Alexander Ikaika and Violet Leilani

Sophie Kay

Sylvie Nanette, sister of Leo Alexander and Asher Everett

Thalia Eve, sister of Daphne Hope

Thisbe Katherine

Violet Elaine

Waverly Elizabeth, sister of Bronwyn Rebecca

Winnie Mae, sister of Lola Wilhelmina

Wren Charlotte Amity (Birdie), twin of Eloise Cleo Bellamy (Lola) and sister of Harrison Rigby and Miller Theo

Wren Evangeline Lorelei, sister of Rosalyn AnastasiaJosephine and ArloRay Baxter

Zoe Kate, sister of Mariah Zahara


Aksel Warren Thomas, brother of Ayla Brin

Alfred Harley Green brother of Kaia Felicity, William Arden and Oliver Kendell

Anderson Ford, brother of Cassandra Brooke, Sydnie Taylor, Madison Ashley, Hunter Aaron, Alexandria Morgan, London Valentina and Chase Xavier..

Archer Lee, brother to Lucille Charlotte

Benjamin Adam, brother of Olivia Rose, Jonathan Andrew and Nathaniel Draco

Caius, brother of Orion and Tallis

CharlesCharlieAtticus, brother of Jane and Henry

Conrad James

Dexter Elliot, brother to Veronica Noelle and Penelope Elise

Dylan Matthew, brother of Jacob Dixon

Elliot Wilford, brother of Sebastian Oliver

Graham Jack, brother of Gabriel Wyatt, Noah Blake, Duncan Timothy and Marley Ashlyn

George Parker, brother of Henry Oliver

Henry Donovan, brother of Vincent Robert

Hezekiah James

Ian Richard, brother of Quentin Parker

Jasper Jude Wilder

Leo Sebastian

Leopold Jack

Max Alcibiades

Miles Alexander, brother of Alec James, Silas Gale, Dashiell West and Elliot Gray

Miles Edward

Milo Finnick Alexander, brother of Rosemary Ismene Bandit

Paxton Ryder

Rocco Vincent Henry, brother of Mosely Jackson Rigby

Sebastian Leo, twin brother of Eleanor Charlotte, and older siblings Edward Dominic, Adelaide Bellatrix, Isaac Ambrose and Oliver August

Simon Gil, twin brother of Hazel Eve and brother of Asher Dov

Simon Kelly

Weston Crawford

Winston Bay, brother to Archer Henry and Avalon Jillian

And now for the winners of our Guess Name #101 contest.  Although there were nearly 100 entries on the girls’ side, not a single berry guessed Girls’ Name #101, which was Isadora.  But on the boys’ side, the very first entrant guessed our 101st name Griffin, so congratulations to inxn09 along with Dree, who also picked Griffin for Boys’ Name #101.  We’d like to send you both signed copies of Beyond Ava & Aiden so please send your addresses to

And thanks everyone for entering, plus congratulations to all the new parents!




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