"alluring, temptress"

Lorelei Origin and Meaning

The name Lorelei is girl's name of German origin meaning "alluring, temptress".
Its double role as the mother and daughter -- and even grandmother -- on TV's The Gilmore Girls modernized, humanized, and popularized a name previously associated with the mythic seductive siren and the gold digger portrayed by Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

In old German legend, Lorelei was the name of the beautiful Rhine River seductress whose haunting voice led sailors to hazardous rocks that would cause them to be shipwrecked. And this siren image clung to the name for ages.

The popularity of the name has zigzagged in tandem with the more modern cultural references. There was something of an upswing following the Marilyn incarnation of 1953, and again starting in 2004 via Gilmore Girls -- who, by the way, used an alternate spelling, Lorelai. The show's pop culture impact got a lift in 2014, when it started streaming on Netflix.

Gilmore Girls also demonstrated that the dated Lori wasn't the only short form of the name: daughter Lorelai was known as Rory; Grandma's seemingly unrelated nickname was Trix.

Beyond the influence of the show, Lorelei is benefiting from the popularity of girls' names starting with L -- and two Ls are even better than one.
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Famous People Named Lorelei

  • Lorelei Elizabeth KingAmerican actress
  • Lorelei MahoneyAmerican singer and actress
  • Lorelei DeCora MeansNative American civil rights activist
  • Lorelei LeeAmerican adult film actress
  • Lorelei Leering name of Amy Janas, American pro wrestler
  • Lorelei Grace Linklater (b. 1994)daughter of director Richard Linklater
  • Lorelei Judith Krone (b. 2005)daughter of jockey Julie Krone
  • Lorelei Toley (b. 2007)daughter of bridal designer Claire Pettibone and Guy Patrick Toley
  • Lorelei Jade Anderson (b. 2010)daughter of singer Jessa Anderson

Lorelei in Pop Culture

  • Lorelai Gilmoretwo characters in the show Gilmore Girls, a mother and daughter. (Spelling is different, but this is why the name spiked in the 2000s in the US)
  • "Die Lorelei" German poem by Heinrich Heine
  • Loreleione of the Elite Four trainers in the Pokemon series
  • Loreleitwo characters in Marvel comics
  • Lorelei Roxcharacter in Spirit comics
  • Lorelei Ambrosiacharacter in movie "Superman III"
  • Lorelei Martinscharacter on TV's "The Mentalist"
  • Lorelei the Chickencharacter on TV's "The Electric Company"
  • "Lorelei" song by The Pogues
  • "Lorelei" song by Styx
  • "Lorelei" song by The Cocteau Twins
  • "Lorelei" song by George and Ira Gershwin
  • "Lorelei's Secret" aka "The Dogs of Babel" novel by Carolyn Parkhurst
  • LoreleiAmerican rock band
  • Loreleicharacter in MCU Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
  • Lorelei DavisJoss and Harry's daughter on TV's "Mistresses"
  • Lorelei StaffordParker, character in Vampire: The Requiem
  • Loreleicharacter from the picture book Moongirl
  • Loreleicharacter from "Victor Frankenstein"
  • LoreleiAndy's guitar's name on 'The Office'
  • Lorelei Wilkinsoncharacter in television series 'Prisoner Cell Block H'