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Amira Origin and Meaning

The name Amira is girl's name of Hebrew origin meaning "princess".
This shimmery name, often given to girls born on the harvest feast of Shavuot, and also used in the Muslim community, is increasing in popularity. Amira is of Hebrew and Arabic origin, meaning "princess", and fits in well with a variety of trending names like Amara, Amaya, and Mira. Amira is in the Top 100 in several countries, including Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, and Hungary. In the US, Amira entered the Top 1000 in 1998 and has been rising since, now in the Top 250. Overall Amira is a gorgeous multicultural choice.
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Famous People Named Amira

  • Amira AhmedSomali,Filipino model
  • Amira al HaybIsrael's first female Bedouin soldier in combat position
  • Ameera alTaweel, Princess of Saudi Arabia
  • Amira Ben AmorTunisian long,distance runner (2012 Olympics)
  • Amira Ben ChaabaneTunisian sabre fencer
  • Amira K. Bennisonhistorian of the Middle East & Islamic Studies
  • Amira CasarFrench actress
  • Amira DotanIsraeli military figure (ex,member of Knesset for Kadima)
  • Amira EdrahiLibyan swimmer (2004 Olympics)
  • Amira HassIsraeli left,wing Journalist
  • Amira HessIsraeli poet & artist
  • Amira McCarthymember of British girl group Neon Jungle
  • Amira NowairaEgyptian academic, translator, columnist & author
  • Amira Pyliotisstage name Tecoma; Australian roots singer/songwriter
  • Amira SartaniIsraeli former politician (member of the Knesset)
  • Amira SelimEgyptian soprano & opera singer
  • Amira Griselda Gomez TuemeMexican politician affiliated with PRI

Amira in Pop Culture

  • Amira Masoodcharacter on British soap EastEnders
  • Amira Krimanicharacter from TV series "Veronica Mars"
  • Amira / Redcharacter from game "Monster Prom"