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Draco Origin and Meaning

The name Draco is boy's name of Greek origin meaning "dragon".
For as long as we all shall live, Harry Potter's sneering nemesis.

Draco Popularity

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Famous People Named Draco

  • Dracoancient Greek lawgiver of Athens; origin of the term "draconian"
  • Dracoseveral physicians in the family of Hippocrates
  • Draco Cornelius Rosa (Suárez) (born Robert Edward Rosa Suárez)Puerto Rican songwriter and musician
  • Draco Vertason of American actress Danica McKellar and composer Mike Verta

Draco in Pop Culture

  • Draco Malfoycharacter in the "Harry Potter" series
  • Dracodragon from the movie "Dragonheart"
  • Dracowarlord character on TV's Xena: Warrior Princess
  • Dracoblack dragon in the video game Dark Ages
  • Dracocharacter in a fictional opera in video game Final Fantasy VI
  • Draco9/9 Artifact Dragon from the card game Magic: The Gathering
  • Draco Centaurosa dragon,like humanoid from the Puyo Puyo video game series
  • DracoHedron Ovinxer, final boss in video game Gun Nac
  • Antares Dracoan Imperial Knight from Star Wars: Legacy
  • Jaq Dracocharacter in Ian Watson's Inquisition War Trilogy
  • Marc Ange DracoJames Bond's father,in,law in in the 007 novels
  • Teresa "Tracy" DracoJames Bond's wife
  • Dracoconstellation in the Northern sky