"dawn, sunrise"

Dawn Origin and Meaning

The name Dawn is girl's name meaning "dawn, sunrise".
Dawn's heyday in the US, Canada and the UK came in the 1960s and 70s. It peaked at #14 in the US in 1971, but has since sunk from sight to be eclipsed by other names with the same meaning, such as Aurora, Roxana or Zariah.

Dawn Popularity

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Famous People Named Dawn

  • Dawn Michelle StaleyAmerican basketball player and coach
  • Dawn Elberta WellsAmerican actress
  • Dawn BurrellAmerican Olympic long jumper
  • Dawn Roma FrenchEnglish actress, writer, and comedienne
  • Dawn O'PorterBritish television presenter and writer
  • Dawn Evelyeen Parisbirth name of Anne Shirley, American actress
  • Dawn LynAmerican actress
  • Dawn FraserAustralian Olympic swimmer
  • Dawn Joanne LangstrothCanadian singer,songwriter
  • Dawn UpshawAmerican soprano
  • Dawn Alice LakeAustralian actress/comedienne
  • Dawn Marie (Psaltis)American pro wrestler
  • Dawn Alexis ButhAmerican tennis player
  • Dawn PennJamaican reggae singer
  • Dawn PowellAmerican novelist
  • Dawn PrimaroloEnglish MP
  • Dawn Petula ButlerEnglish MP
  • Dawn Angeliqué RichardAmerican singer of group Danity Kane
  • Dawn Sherrese RobinsonAmerican singer of group En Vogue
  • Dawn SilvaAmerican funk singer
  • Dawn Leslie SteelAmerican film producer; first woman to head a major studio
  • Dawn Therese BrancheauAmerican animal trainer who was killed by an orca at SeaWorld
  • Carolyn Dawn JohnsonCanadian country music singer
  • E’Dawnstage name of Kim Hyojong; rapper, dancer, and member of the South Korean boy band Pentagon

Dawn in Pop Culture

  • Dawn Bucketsteenaged character in Disney XD's "Kirby Buckets"
  • Dawn Harper10,year,old character on TV's "Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn"
  • Dawn Summerscharacter on UPN's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
  • Dawn Roxanna Swanncharacter on British soap "EastEnders"
  • Dawn Woodscharacter on British soap "Emmerdale"
  • Dawn Longchampmain character in V.C. Andrews' "Dawn"
  • Dawna main character in video games Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum
  • Prairie Dawncharacter on TV's "Sesame Street"
  • Dawn Read Schafercharacter in "The Babysitters Club" series and its spin,off "California Diaries"
  • Dawncharacter in comic books by Joseph Michael Linsner
  • "Horizon Zero Dawn"video game
  • "Alien Dawn" an American,Canadian science fiction/comedy television series which aired on Nicktoons
  • "Dawn (Go Away)" song by The Four Seasons
  • Tony Orlando and DawnAmerican pop group
  • "Dawn of the Dead" movie
  • "Breaking Dawn" installment in the "Twilight" series
  • Dawn dishwashing liquid
  • Dawncharacter in the musical "Waitress"
  • Dawn BellwetherAssistant Mayor sheep in Disney's "Zootopia"
  • Dawncharacter in the 2019 film "Hustlers"