Name Guru to the Stars: Baby names for Emma Stone (and more!)

Name Guru to the Stars: Baby names for Emma Stone (and more!)

From the moment she announced her pregnancy, I’ve been flooded with inquiries about my predictions for Emma Stone’s baby names. (In fact, it was Berries who first broke the news to me via Instagram message). Will she choose something trendy or classic? Common or unusual? Will she even reveal her baby name? (I have some thoughts about that one…)

Check out my predictions for Emma Stone and more below — but before you do, an update on our recently closed contests:

Natalie and Taylor Hanson surprised us (and everyone else!) when they named their daughter Maybellene Alma Joy. No one correctly predicted her first name, but two Berries guessed her middles. Evelyn predicted Alma, and Kerry predicted Joy. As nobody won the one-time $1000 prize, we awarded them each $100 for their middle name prognostications.

But, as you know, this game is about predicting first names! We did have one winner this month, who accurately predicted the first name of Katie Lowes and Adam Shapiro’s daughter Vera Fay and won $100. Congratulations to Eliza!

I had three correct predictions in December:

Rhodes, born to Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund

Luca Patrick, born to April Love Geary & Robin Thicke

Josephine June, born to Candice and Joe King (non-contest)

The arrival of Rhodes reset our pot to $100. Play along on our Instagram and maybe you could be our next big winner!

Today we have a preview of some of the stars that will be featured in future contests. Take a look at my predictions, then make your own guesses for Pippa Middleton, Cassie, and Emma Stone’s baby names.

Emma Stone & Dave McCary

Gender: unknownSiblings: none

Emma and Dave, you are a very private couple, which gives me the uneasy feeling that you may hide — or at least delay — the announcement of your baby’s name. The suspense is going to kill me. Whether you decide to share it with us or not, this child will have a name, and I have some ideas about what it could be. It’s definitely going to be a “normal” name — any wacky, celebrity-style baby name would draw too much attention. Normal, but not basic. It will most likely be outside of the Top 100 and feel current yet traditional. My top choices are Maeve and Millie, Beckett and Finn.

Girl: Cecilia, Elsie, Estelle, Fiona, Hallie, June, Lucy, Maeve, Millie, VioletBoy: Alden, Archer, Beckett, Finn, Ford, Henry, Jasper, Lane, Louis, Reid

Cassie & Alex Fine

Gender: unknownSiblings: Frankie Stone (g)

Cassie and Alex, your super-cute daughter is named Frankie, which gives me some clues as to what your next child might be named. I think you’ll stick with the informal, nickname-y style, but not necessarily choose another unisex name — although Billie and Lou are great options. I really like Rue and Jules as sister names for Frankie, and Nico and Ziggy as brother names.

Girl: Andie, Billie, Indie, Jude, Jules, Lou, Roxy, Rudy, Rue, ScoutBoy: Ace, Duke, Ever, Jack, Kai, Link, Mack, Nico, Rocky, Ziggy

Christina Milian & Matt Pokora

Gender: unknownSiblings: Violet Madison (previous relationship), Isaiah

Christina and Matt, I, unfortunately, did not accurately predict the name of your son Isaiah last year, but I am determined to get this baby’s name right. You’re not afraid of choosing well-liked names, so a Top 100 — even a Top 20 — name could be just what you’re looking for. With Violet and Isaiah, I love something like Amara or Maya for a girl, and Luca or Micah for a boy.

Girl: Amara, Amelia, Chloe, Juliette, Lucy, Lyla, Maya, Mila, Natalia, RosalieBoy: Benjamin, Dominic, Elliott, Ethan, Gabriel, Luca, Micah, Noah, Sebastian, Silas

Pippa Middleton & James Matthews

Gender: unknownSiblings: Arthur Michael William

As Royal-adjacents, you are not held to the same expectations for baby names, yet you gave your son a very noble name — Arthur Michael William. Now that you’re expecting your second child, Pippa and James, a classic, royal-ish name seems just right. My top choices are Theodore and Frederick for a boy, Eleanor and Alice for a girl. And I know I’m not here to talk about middle names, but since you use family names, I have a good chance at guessing them. David, Spencer, and Robert likely make your list for a son, and I’m calling Jane, Elizabeth, and Dorothy for a daughter.

Girl: Alexandra, Alice, Amelia, Beatrice, Edith, Eleanor, Eliza, Harriet, Isabel, VictoriaBoy: Alfred, Benjamin, Charles, Edward, Elliot, Frederick, Ralph, Samuel, Theodore, Vincent

Zara & Mike Tindall

Gender: unknownSiblings: Mia Grace, Lena Elizabeth

But Zara and Mike, you actually are Royals, yet you don’t play by the Royal baby naming rules. You chose the names Mia and Lena for your older daughters, which feel more contemporary and trend-oriented than Royal baby names of history. However, they both have traditional roots, so I’d wager this child’s name will be similar in that regard. Mike, you joked that “We’re not sure what to do Covi or Covina — I don’t know where to go with names,” so let me help you out. Go with something like Esme or Clara if it’s a girl, and Theo or Charlie if it’s a boy.

Girl: Ada, Amelia, Clara, Ella, Esme, Etta, Margot, Nora, Phoebe, SadieBoy: Charlie, Finn, Felix, Hugo, Jasper, Max, Oliver, Owen, Teddy, Theo

Morena Baccarin & Ben McKenzie

Gender: unknownSiblings: Julius (previous relationship), Frances Laiz

Morena, you clearly have a thing for vintage names — your older son is Julius, and your daughter is Frances. Frances was actually named after Ben’s mother, so I’m wondering if your next daughter would be named after yours. Luckily your mom has a stylish vintage name as well — Vera! That would be a no-brainer if this baby is a girl, although I also like Edith and Helen with this sibset. For a boy, I’m feeling Lionel, Winston, or Amos.

Girl: Agnes, Alma, Daphne, Edith, Ida, Helen, Louisa, Mabel, Maude, VeraBoy: Amos, Clark, Edwin, Harvey, Hugo, Lionel, Oscar, Otis, Walter, Winston

Jenny Slate & Ben Shattuck

Gender: unknownSiblings: none

Quirky is the name of the game with you, Jenny, so an offbeat name seems written in the stars for your first child. Although I don’t actually think you’ll choose anything too unusual for your baby’s name. You’re more likely to go with something that reads as quirky but is relatively mainstream — like Olive or Juniper, Felix or Calvin (all of which are in the Top 250). But if you really want to push it, let’s talk. Dinah and Fern have the clunky-cool vibe, as do Linus and Oswald.

Girl: Della, Dinah, Fern, Frida, Juniper, Matilda, Olive, Opal, Ramona, ZeldaBoy: Asa, Calvin, Felix, Franklin, Harry, Ira, Jonas, Linus, Oswald, Shepherd

Alexa & Carlos PenaVega

Gender: unknownSiblings: Ocean King, Kingston James

Alexa and Carlos, your sons’ names are very disparate in national popularity — Kingston is in the Top 120, while Ocean doesn’t even break the Top 1000. But you live in Hawaii, and in your state, they’re ranked equally. I pulled some other names that are disproportionately popular in Hawaii (Zephyr, Reef, and Taj, to name a few), as well as names that fit the vibe of your beachy, modern sibset. I’m loving Soleil or Nova for a girl, Atlas or Cruz for a boy.

Girl: Dove, Echo, Ember, Isla, Journey, Lyric, Nova, Shiloh, Skylar, SoleilBoy: Ace, Atlas, Bodhi, Cruz, Lennox, Maximus, Reef, Taj, Zephyr, Zion

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