Jennifer Garner Baby Name: When, Ben and Jen?

We empathize, Jen and Ben. As the Jennifer Garner Baby Name Watch enters Day Four Five Six Eight, we imagine you might be having a tough time settling on a name. It took us a long time to name our babies too.

First time around, we weren’t sure of the sex, so we couldn’t very well pick a name before the baby was born. And then, even when we had advance knowledge about gender, we wanted to see what the baby looked like before we made the final name decision.

And then, well, we just couldn’t decide. With so many great names out there, it can be really difficult to choose just one. And since you did such a great job naming Violet, you obviously have high standards to live up to.

We have a suggestion that might help. Check out all the great names people guessed you might name your new daughter. Phoebe? Frances? Clementine? Ivy? There are literally hundreds of awesome ideas in the comments section of the blog post below, in case you’re stuck.

Over 40 percent of the 1500 1800 1900 people who voted in the Jennifer Garner Baby Name poll guessed you would pick a Gently Old-Fashioned Name like Beatrice (another good choice), with another 35 percent opting for a sweet name like Grace. Color names such as Ruby or Scarlett: not so much.

Of course, you may have already decided on a name and are just keeping it to yourselves for now.  We understand (even though it’s driving us a little crazy).  We only hope you don’t decide to keep the name a secret for basically ever, the way Holly Hunter did with the names of her now-three-year-old twins.

For those of you reading this post who AREN‘T Ben and Jen, there’s still time to vote in our poll below and guess the Jennifer Garner baby name for a chance to win an advance copy of our new book, Cool Irish Names for Babies.

What do you think is taking Ben and Jen so long? Vote here and let us know what you think.


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Pamela Redmond

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