Cowboy names first galloped onto the scene in the 1950s and 1960s, along with the cool Western TV shows and movies of the era.  A lot of these were Old Testament names that had not been heard much since, well, since the real Old West.  Some of the early choices that launched a trend that’s still going strong:

ADAM – – Bonanza

BARNABY — Wagon Train


BEAUWells Fargo, Maverick




CALEB  — Seven Brides for Seven Brothers


EPHRAIMSeven Brides

FLINT — Wagon Train

GIDEONSeven Brides

JARROD — Big Valley

JASON — Wanted: Dead or Alive; Here Come the Brides

JEBWells Fargo

JED – – Rawhide; How The West Was Won

JEREMY — Here Come the Brides

JOSH — Wanted: Dead or Alive

JOSHUA — Here Come the Brides

LUCAS — Rifleman

LUKEHow the West Was Won

MATT — Gunsmoke

SETH — Wagon Train


SIMON — Rawhide

ZEBHow The West Was Won

Females and their names were in short supply in the Old West, split between hardy pioneer women and dance hall girls. Their names help you tell which was which:

ALICESeven Brides for Seven Brothers

BELLEWells Fargo

BIDDIE — Here Come the Brides

CANDY –Here Come the Brides

DORCASSeven Brides

EVEHow The West Was Won

JULIEHow The West Was Won

KITTY — Gunsmoke

LIZASeven Brides

MARTHASeven Brides

MILLYSeven Brides

SARAHSeven Brides

Tomorrow: Names for thoroughly modern cowbabies.

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