Occupational name

Weaver Origin and Meaning

The name Weaver is a boy's name .

Weaver, which made an appearance as a first name on the U.S. Top 1000 in the late 19th century and then vanished, may rise again along with its occupational brethren, from already-popular choices such as Cooper and Parker to au courant ones like Archer to occupational hotties of the future, including Booker and Sayer.

# 852 in the US

Weaver Rank in US Top 1000

Weaver in Pop Culture

  • Captain Weaverfrom the TV series "Falling Skies"
  • Buck Weaverfrom the movie "Eight Men Out," played by John Cusack
  • Tal Weaverfrom the TV series "Beverly Hills 90210"
  • Mason Weaverfrom the movie "Kong: Skull Island," played by Brie Larson