Jupiter Origin and Meaning

The name Jupiter is a boy's name meaning "godfather".

Jupiter's partner Juno has entered the mainstream, so it's possible that her divine mate could follow. But not necessarily for boys — Jupiter is currently mostly female in the US, thanks to its similarity to Juniper. Stars including Ed Sheeran and Ashley Tisdale recently welcomed daughters named Jupiter, which could shift the balance even more towards the girls.

The name of the supreme Roman deity and the largest planet has until recently had either too hippie or too grandiose a feel for most mortals, but with the rise of sound-alike Juniper and space names such as Orion and Mars, Jupiter may find new favor.

Short form Jupe is adorable.

More background on that deity: Jupiter was the king of the Roman gods, and god of the sky, the equivalent of Greek Zeus. His name may have originated as a title. It can be interpreted to mean "father of the sky" or "father of the gods" (dyew-peter > iou piter > iuppiter (the form of the name used in Latin) > Jupiter). With Juno and Minerva, he made the Capitoline triad, whose worship was at the very centre of Roman religion.

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Famous People Named Jupiter

  • Jupiter HammonAmerican poet
  • Jupiter Applestage name of Flávio Basso, Brazilian singer
  • Jupiter GhoshBangladeshi cricketer

Jupiter in Pop Culture

  • Jupiter "Jupe" Jonesmain character in the Three Investigators series by Robert Arthur
  • Jupitervillain in Robin Jarvis' Deptford Mice Trilogy
  • Jupitervillain in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl
  • Sailor Jupiter aka Makoto Kinofemale character in anime 'Sailor Moon'
  • Jupiter Jonesfemale character in film "Jupiter Ascending"
  • Jupitercharacter in "Amphitryon" by Moliere
  • Jupiter Northcharacter in the "Nevermoor" series by Jessica Townsend

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