English occupational name

Tolliver Origin and Meaning

The name Tolliver is a boy's name of English origin meaning "metalworker".

If you're tired of Oliver, you might consider this energetic three-syllable surname instead, so you could have a little Tolly instead of an Ollie.

Tolliver is a not-too-obvious occupational Scottish surname dating back to the time of armor makers. Heard much more often as a surname, there have been Tollivers in soap operas like General Hospital and Cy Tolliver was a character on Deadwood; in real life, Melba Tolliver is a barrier-breaking African-American TV journalist.

Tolliver Popularity

Famous People Named Tolliver

  • Taliaferro "Toliver" CraigAmerican frontiersman and militia officer

Tolliver in Pop Culture

  • Tolliver Tynancharacter from movie "What The Deaf Man Heard"
  • Tolliver Humphriescharacter mentioned on TV's "True Blood"
  • Tolliver Groatcharacter in Terry Pratchett's Discworld series
  • Mister Tolliver aka Genesis aka Tyler Dayspringcharacter in Marvel's X,Force comics
  • Oliver Tolliverdog character in Mary Ann Hoberman's children's book "One of Each"
  • Cy Tollivercharacter in "Deadwood"
  • Francis Tollivernarrator from the song 'Christmas in the Trenches