Celebrity Baby Names of the Month

Celebrity Baby Names of the Month

By CaraMichelle

Although she took center stage, HRH Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge wasn’t the only high-profile celebrity child born in May.  Here CaraMichelle presents the complete, comprehensive list of starbabies born last month.

The nickname trend was represented by a girl named Emmy and boys Alfie and Lenny, while the more unusual included a Marfa, Soleil, Meraline (the sixth in a sibset of M-starting sisters), Brexton and Leezak,

Here is the full list:


Adeline Pauline, sister of Anbilliene, Eliana (Dominic Zamprogna and Lina Leslie Zamprogna)

Alexandra (Makar Zaporozhsky and Ekaterina Smirnova)

Amaia, sister of Taliyah (Tamer Hosny and Basma Bousel)

Annabelle Clair  (Ben and Katie Smith)

Arabelle (Emily Lloyd and Christian Jupp)

August Jane, sister of Michael (Kim Spradlin and Bryan Wolfe)

Aurelia Nancy (Nadine and Erik Courtney)

Barbara Elizabeth June (David Mitchell and Victoria Coren Mitchell)

Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, sister of George (TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge)

Chloe (Elizabeth Smart and Matthew Gilmour)

Diana (Ilana Yuryevna and Dmitry Dyldin)

Elle Corbin, sister of Anna, Charlotte, Christina, Georgia (Andrea Canning and Tony Bancroft)

Emilee Grace, sister of Leah (Gary Shirley and Kristina Anderson)

Emmy Mae (Dan and Steph Mulheron)

Galia Santina, sister of Maxine (Esther Canadas)

Jayde Carter, sister of Bentley (Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney)

Leni Rose (Blair and Kristi McDonough)

Marfa, sister of Georgy, Vera (Daniil Zasedatelev)

Matilda Victoria, sister of William (Shane Watson and Lee Furlong)

Meraline Everleigh, sister of Mabreigh, Maryleigh, Mirabella, Merritt (f), Myanna (Eric and Miranda McClure)

Mia Alma, sister of Mario (Perez Hilton)

Nina (Magdalena Sebestova)

Romy, sister of Myla, Charlize (Yohan and Fiona Cabaye)

Ryan Ava Erhard (Haylie Duff and Matt Rosenberg)

Sofya, sister of Daniil (Anna Dankova and Igor Ivanov)

Soleil (Gordon D’Arcy and Aoife Cogan)

Sophia, sister of Robert (Pavel Volya and Lyaysan Utyasheva)

Sophie (Jessica Hall and Kyle Larson)

Stefania (Maria Gorban and Oleg Filatov)

Victoria, sister of Lara (Joao Mutinho and Ana Sofia Gomes)


Alexander (Lena Katina and Sasha Kuzmanovic)

Alfie Hawthorn, brother of Bo (f) (Tim and Monique Blackwell)

Augusto Alessandro, brother of Otto (Margherita Missoni and Eugenio Amos)

Brexton Locke (Kyle and Samantha Busch)

Calvin Eugene (Claire Coffee and Chris Thile)

Charles StephenCarson (Erin Bates Paine and Chad Paine)

Denis, brother of Pavel, Vladimir (Arkady Dvorkovich and Zumrad Rustamova)

Ilya, brother of Lada, Alexander, Fyodr, Denis (Dmitry Debrov and Polina Debrova)

Isaiah Hawk (Holly Montag and Richie Wilson)

Ivan, brother of Maria (Anton Makarsky and Victoria Morozova)

Leezak Joshua (Chris and Jenna Susetio)

Lenny David (Jimmy and Tori Rees)

Macklin (Matt Cohen and Mandy Musgrave)

McCoy Lee (Scott Porter and Kelsey Mayfield)

Mikhail, brother of Darya (Mikhail Grushevsky and Eugenia Guslyarova)

Mohammed, brother of Seif (m), Hiziya (f), Shahinez (f) (Franck Ribery and Wanda Belhami)

Nash Skan, brother of Dacey, Nate (Bode Miller and Morgan Beck Miller)

Otto (Paul West and Alicia Cordia)

Simon, brother of Sacha (m) (Romain and Marion Grosjean)

Theodore (Annie and Jason Chesworth)

William Emmet (Celia Keenan-Bolger and John Ellison Conlee)

Zeke, brother of Koa (Jodi Albert and Kian Egan)

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CaraMichelle has loved names since she was young and has become interested in celebrity baby names in the past few years. She enjoys editing her name list, reading historical fiction and mysteries, and talking about names to anyone who will listen.