Russian or Persian, variation of Daria or feminine form of Darius
"kingly; the sea"

Darya Origin and Meaning

The name Darya is girl's name of Russian origin meaning "kingly; the sea".
The beguiling Darya is the name of a character in Tolstoy's Anna Karenina. As a Russian name, it's a spelling variation of Daria, while in Iran, it's a girl's name that means "the sea".

Darya Popularity

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Famous People Named Darya

  • Darya Vladimirovna DomrachevaBelarusian Olympic biathlete
  • Darya KustovaBelarusian tennis player
  • Darya PchelnikBelarusian Olympic hammer thrower
  • Darya Vitalyevna PishchalnikovaRussian Olympic discus thrower
  • Darya Petrovna SaltykovaRussian lady in waiting to Catherine the Great
  • Darya Vladimirovna PoverennovaRussian actress

Darya in Pop Culture

  • Darya "Dolly" Alexandrovna Oblonskayacharacter in Leo Tolstoy's "Anna Karenina"