Questions of the Week

day names
November 12th, 2020

What Is Your Favorite Day Name?

By Emma Waterhouse

Day names are trending following Rupert Grint’s cute announcement of daughter Wednesday’s name. See our full list, and tell us which day name YOU love best!

October 29th, 2020

Has the Pandemic Changed Your Choice of Baby Names?

By Sophie Kihm

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting how we think about baby names. Answer our survey and let us know how it’s impacting your choices.

brother names
July 5th, 2020

Brother Names: What are your favorites?

By Pamela Redmond

Brother names should be compatible in style or sound, but not overly-matched. We hear from you — what would you name brothers? — and add our suggestions.

brother and sister names
June 24th, 2020

What Are Your Favorite Brother and Sister Names?

By Pamela Redmond

It’s the naming challenge the largest number of parents will have to face: What names would you choose for a brother and a sister? And why?

What's Your Middle Name?
May 26th, 2020

Question of the Week: What’s Your Middle Name?

By Sophie Kihm

Question of the Week is back, and today we’re asking: what’s your middle name? Do you have a mega-popular middle such as Elizabeth or Michael, or something unique to you?

new word names
February 25th, 2020

How Many New Word Names Can YOU Create?

By Emma Waterhouse

Calling all inventive namers! We’ve got a challenge for you. What are the coolest new word names YOU can come up with? The best will feature in a new list!

November 10th, 2019

Baby Name Question of the Week: Your biggest about-face?

By Emma Waterhouse

Our Question of the Week: What names have you completely reversed your opinion of?

October 28th, 2019

Favorite Baby Names: A to Z

By Emma Waterhouse

What are your favorite names for every letter of the alphabet?

August 4th, 2019

Fantasy Baby Names: For Your Own Starbaby

By Emma Waterhouse

This new Question of the Week asks what outrageous name would you give your fantasy starbaby.

July 23rd, 2019

Literary Baby Names: Your Hidden Gems?

By Linda Rosenkrantz

Our Question of the Week: What are your favorite lesser-known names you’ve found in books?