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By Emma Waterhouse aka Katinka

Celebrating ten years of the wonderful community YOU helped to create

 When Nameberry first started life a decade ago, little did anyone know that it would soon grow to become the biggest (and best, natch) baby name website in the world. Now with nearly 70,000 names in our extensive database — many of them suggested by our very own knowledgeable members — and new lists, articles and discussions created every day, it’s a truly exhilarating project to be a part of.

So what’s the secret to Nameberry’s success? Well, aside from our hard work and winning personality, we firmly believe that a key reason is… YOU!

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There’s no denying that the “Nameberry style” of baby names is generally a little — or a lot! — more adventurous than that of the general population.

Fabulous names featuring in the Nameberry Top 100 include Rumi, Astrid and Allegro for girls, and Dante, Magnus and Winston for boys. And it’s not at all unusual to see real rarities like Balthazar and Bellatrix, Warwick and Willodean swimming across the “Names Searched Right Now” banner, or thrown out as suggestions in the Forums.

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Let’s Put Together Our Own Top 100!

Let’s Put Together An Alternative Top 100!

Nameberry visitors love lesser-used baby names, as our constantly updated “Most Popular” lists show. Atticus (US rank #350) is currently our most-searched boys’ name, while Rumi (unranked), Maia (#487) and Amara (#208) are all in the Nameberry girls’ Top 20.

Unique baby namers — you have been warned! Our popularity lists have proven to be a great indicator of future naming trends.

But if, like many parents, you’d prefer to find an uncommon baby name which is likely to stay that way, it can be difficult to know where to start. Well… how about at the top?

We thought this “Alternative Top 100” thread from the Nameberry forums was such a great idea, that we wanted to create our own! So, today’s Question Of The Week is more of a Challenge Of The Week — let’s put together an alternative Nameberry Top 100!

Here’s how it works: here you can find the full US Top 100 lists for boys and girls in 2017. Each commenter takes one boy name and one girl name (in rank order) and comes up with the perfect under-the-radar alternative for each. We’ll start:

  1. Liam —> Luan; Emma —> Alma

Now over to you, Berries! We can’t wait to hear what you come up with. And don’t forget you can also join in the challenge on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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There are some undeniably great baby names near the top of the popularity charts, from timeless classics like James and Elizabeth to modern favorites like Logan and Harper. It’s often said that “popular names are popular for a reason” — and it’s true!

But what about all the other great names that, for one reason or another, are still flying under most parents’ radars?

We recently rounded up 100 of the most usable yet underused baby names in the US today; all sit well outside of the current Top 1000, and many — like Blanche and Barnaby, Edwina and Emilian — are given to only a handful of babies per year. Surprised? We certainly are!

Which brings us to today’s Question of the Week: we want to hear your most surprising underused baby names, whether classic or currently on-trend.

Which names are you shocked to see sitting so low on the charts?

Which uncommon baby names would you like to see rise (and which would you prefer to keep on the down low)?

What are your favorite names from our “usable yet underused” list? Why do you think they’re not more popular?

Which as-yet-undiscovered baby names have you got pegged for future popularity?

Share your thoughts in the comments below, or join the debate on Facebook or Twitter!

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Sibsets in Synch: What’s your take?

“Sibset” — it’s something of a buzzword on the Nameberry Forums, but is this preoccupation with perfect pairings and stylish sibling sets just one more thing for us name nerds to obsess over?

Celebrity parents are certainly in on the act too. From Jessica Alba’s alliterative brood (Honor, Haven and Hayes) to the beautiful botanical daughters of Emily Blunt and John Krasinski (Hazel and Violet), a nicely co-ordinated sibset is as important as a picture-perfect outfit for stylish Hollywood parents.

And whatever we may think of naming patterns, we sure notice when parents break them — whether it’s Aiden, Ava and Marmaduke or North, Saint and Chicago.

So, today we’re asking for your take on super slick sibling sets.

How important is it to you that siblings’ names “go” together?

Where do you draw the line between nicely matched and matchy-matchy?

What do you think makes the perfect sibset, and what would your ideal set be?

What are the best sibsets you’ve ever come across in real life? And your favorite celebrity set?

Share your thoughts in the comments below, or join us on Facebook or Twitter to continue the conversation!

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