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It’s one of the many joys of being an expectant mom: suddenly everyone has an opinion — on your diet, your wardrobe, your activity levels, your birth plan, the size and shape of your baby bump…

And, of course, baby names.

A recent survey by the British parenting website Mumsnet found that one fifth of grandparents have said that they “hate” their grandchildren’s names, with grandmothers the worst offenders for baby name bashing.

And the response received by a whopping ten percent of new parents surveyed on announcing their baby’s name?


So, today we’re asking for your take on the role of other people’s input in the baby-naming process.

Do you let other people’s opinions affect your choice?

Do you invite input from others, or do you prefer to keep the discussion private until a final decision is made?

Is there anyone else, besides your partner, whose opinion you really value?

Have you ever been on the receiving end of unsolicited baby naming advice or feedback, and how did you handle it?

Let us know in the comments, or head on over to Facebook or Twitter to continue the conversation!

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There’s no two ways about it: unisex baby names are red hot right now!

The latest Top 100 lists for both boys and girls are peppered with unisex names, from once-unisex options now all but abandoned for one gender, like Evelyn and Madison, to names that are increasingly leaning one way or the other, like Aubrey and Avery, Riley and Cameron.

But there’s a difference between unisex baby names and gender-neutral ones.

Truly gender-neutral baby names are still, on the whole, a pretty rare phenomenon. Just take a look at our comprehensive list of the 50 most popular gender-neutral baby names in the US today: only the top two or three (Charlie, Finley, Skyler) feel anywhere near mainstream. The rest of the list is populated by under-the-radar or plain invented picks, like Campbell and Ridley, Ocean and Timber, Kylin and Eastyn.

So, today we’re asking you to nominate your gender-neutral favorites — the names you like equally well for girls and boys. (You can find the thread that inspired this question here.)

What’s your favorite name on Nameberry’s truly gender-neutral list?

Are there any unisex names that you prefer on the less popular gender?

Are there any 100% male names you’d consider for a daughter, or female names you’d love to use for a son?

What do you think of the trend for unisex names in general? What’s behind it, and where might it be leading?

Share your thoughts in the comments below, or head on over to Facebook or Twitter to join the conversation!

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Here at Nameberry, we love hearing about your “Guilty Pleasure” baby names — the names you secretly adore, but would never have the guts to actually use.

Over the years, we’ve come across countless reasons why certain names get confined to strictly GP territory: they might feel too trendy or too try-hard, too popular or too pretentious, too “out there”, too ostentatious, or just a little too odd…

But are any of your secret name crushes downright outrageous?

Inspired by this fun thread from the Nameberry forums, today we’re asking you to spill the beans on your most outré, out-of-this-world, utterly outrageous baby name loves.

What’s the single most over-the-top name on your Guilty Pleasure list?

What’s the most shocking or controversial name that you just can’t help but love?

What’s the one name you’re most embarrassed to admit your secret admiration for?

And are there any truly outrageous baby names that you love so much, you’d use them anyway?

Over to you, Berries! Fess up in the comments below, or come and join the discussion on Facebook or Twitter.

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What would you name YOU?

Your name is a pretty huge part of your identity. You use it all day, every day, everywhere. It’s one of the first things new people learn about you, and one of the last things (hopefully!) they forget. It’s there front and center on every job application, exam paper, and official correspondence you’ll ever submit.

So it’s pretty crazy to think that your parents picked out your name at a point when they knew virtually nothing about you. Sure, we all know someone who took weeks, or even months, to settle on the perfect name for their little one, or who took a longlist of 20 name combos for each gender to the hospital to see which “fit” best. But, short of taking the “E” approach to baby naming, there is no way of choosing a name in the full knowledge of the person your child will grow up to be.

Which brings us to our Question of the Week: what name would you choose for yourself, if you could pick right now? (You can find the thread that inspired this question here).

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What Name Do You Love….

names you love





The more time that goes by, the longer the list grows of names that once I hated and now have learned to love. (Sorry, Yoda got ahold of my keyboard.)

What names do you love now that you used to hate? Did something happen to change your mind or did they simply grow on you over time?

Tell us about all the names that jumped up on your personal rating scale.

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