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What would you name YOU?

Your name is a pretty huge part of your identity. You use it all day, every day, everywhere. It’s one of the first things new people learn about you, and one of the last things (hopefully!) they forget. It’s there front and center on every job application, exam paper, and official correspondence you’ll ever submit.

So it’s pretty crazy to think that your parents picked out your name at a point when they knew virtually nothing about you. Sure, we all know someone who took weeks, or even months, to settle on the perfect name for their little one, or who took a longlist of 20 name combos for each gender to the hospital to see which “fit” best. But, short of taking the “E” approach to baby naming, there is no way of choosing a name in the full knowledge of the person your child will grow up to be.

Which brings us to our Question of the Week: what name would you choose for yourself, if you could pick right now? (You can find the thread that inspired this question here).

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What Name Do You Love….

names you love





The more time that goes by, the longer the list grows of names that once I hated and now have learned to love. (Sorry, Yoda got ahold of my keyboard.)

What names do you love now that you used to hate? Did something happen to change your mind or did they simply grow on you over time?

Tell us about all the names that jumped up on your personal rating scale.

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After poring over every possible source, narrowing list after list, sharing and getting sage advise on the NB forums, you and your partner have settled on the perfect name for your baby. Which you then proudly announce to your families.

But then there’s that one judgey relative—be it Grandma, big brother, or Mom-in-law– who rolls her eyes, followed by vehemently verbalizing her (more often than not) disapproval. Could be something like…

-I’ve never even heard of that name. How do you spell it anyway?

-Who would ever use a word as a name?

-That name went out with corsets and the Charleston.

Do you really want my grandchild to be laughed at and teased in school?

So: Our Question of the Week is how would you handle this situation?

Would you ponder their point and consider making a change to avoid family friction, maybe switching first and middle choices?

Would you defend your adored favorite and try to make a case for why you love it?

Would you hold your ground and firmly end the conversation?


BONUS: Here are this week’s Forum Finds from Katinka:

*What a dilemma! Torn between a family favorite, a longtime love, and a coup de coeur. Which would you choose?

*Names that you’d suggest for a celebrity? Perhaps some of these beautiful boho baby girl names would suit, ranging from the quietly quirky to the utterly unique.

*Over to the boys’ side: mythological names may be white-hot right now, but would you name your son after a dragon?

*And most kids daydream about soccer or superheroes, but for a budding name nerd it’s all about the fantasy future family! What was yours?

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Baby Name Game: That name means what?!?

name meanings

Blame Hulbert.

I was putting together a list of names that mean grace when there was Hulbert. A name that may well have several good qualities, but grace isn’t one of them.

So I started thinking: What other names have meanings that may be correct but seem so wrong?

Mary meaning bitter is one obvious example. But what are some others?

What names can you find that have meanings ridiculously out of step with their image or sound?

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Most of you are on Nameberry to find a name for your baby. Others are looking for either a fictional character or a pet name. (Or are just crazy about names!) But that’s just the beginning of things that could be named.

Which brings us to our question of the week: What’s the weirdest, funniest, most out-there thing you’ve ever named?

Have you ever named a kayak? A statue? A freckle?

What about when you were a kid? You probably named your dolls and stuffed animals, but how about other toys or even a blanket?

What did you name it? And why?

It’s OK, by the way, if the weirdest thing is an animal or character or something else– as long as you tell us which one was the most unusual! (A pet iguana or ocelot, say.)

Let us know your answers in the comments, and continue the conversation on Twitter or Facebook!

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