Category: Questions of the Week

by Emma Waterhouse

Fantasy baby names for your own hypothetical starbaby is the focus of today’s Question of the week.

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Literary baby names is the subject of today’s Question of the Week.

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Our Question of the Week

One of our favorite things about running this site is reading about all of the beautifully named Babyberries born to our members over the years.

Not only do we get to swoon at all of the stunning name combinations and sibsets, but we also love reading about the fascinating (and often moving) stories behind them. Berry parents take inspiration from so many sources: from art, science and religion to family, friends and personal memories.

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We love a good sibset here at Nameberry!

That’s why there’s a whole sub-forum dedicated to finding the perfect little brother or sister name, hundreds of baby name games devoted to the subject, and countless threads and blog posts speculating about future celebrity sibsets — the bigger, bolder and more bonkers the better!

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What’s Your Personal Top 10?

Combing through the Nameberry Top 100 and Top 1000 lists each year is one of our very favorite things to do! Where else would you find such diverse delights as Atticus and Aryan, Ada and Amara, all ranking in the Top 20 baby names for 2018?

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