What Uncommon Names Do You Hear a Lot?

January 27, 2019 Linda Rosenkrantz

For me, it’s Huxley.

At #556 in England & Wales last year, and me being British, you’d think I’d be lucky to meet a single Huxley. And yet, it seems like every time I’m out with my kids, we meet yet another little one with the name. Ditto Rafferty (#278), Annabella (#348) and Sylvie (#386).

We’ve written about regional name popularity before, and our annual look at each state’s quirky favorite baby names is always popular — and draws some illuminating explanations!

But today we’re asking for those baby names that seem super-specific to your individual neighborhood or social circle; names that the stats say you should never (or almost never) hear, but you do.

All the time.

So, what’s the most surprising name that you come across a lot where you live?

What are the most unlikely names to have doubled up in your child’s class, kindergarten or friendship group?

How would you define the local baby naming style where you are?

And, on the flipside, are there any supposedly “common” names that you just never seem to hear?

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