What's the Weirdest Thing You've Ever Named?

What's the Weirdest Thing You've Ever Named?

Most of you are on Nameberry to find a baby name. Others are looking for either a fictional character or a pet name. (Or are just crazy about names!) But that’s just the beginning of things that could be named.

Which brings us to our question of the week: What’s the weirdest, funniest, most out-there thing you’ve ever named?

We asked our followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and here's what they said:

Body Parts

Had a huge ovarian cyst for 6 months. I was first told it was ‘a big mass’, so I ended up naming it Massimo to make our forced cohabitation feel a bit more cosy.@giraffozorus

Had a kidney stone that I named Rocky — @jarjarmalfoy

The scar on my index finger is named Marvin.@chrysadina

A big ball of wax in my son's ear...Waxy — @linneabw

My cancer tumors. The first one was "this b*tch". The second one "that b*tch".@mrs_genna3

My mom's wart, Wrinkle Fae — @laurenelizabethmorganreagan

My post-cheeseburger food baby (“Pattie”) — @_katbrac

I had two moles that eventually I got removed. My husband named them Lucy and Edward. — @victoriaarmour_

I named my cold sore Evie the fever blister — @jessdasilvaza

When he was little, my nephew would call his toenail clippings Shailene and Gerald — @kacierehak


 I’ve had computers named Voldemort and Tyrion.@wellinformednamer

My robo vac is Murphy (like Robocop). My other vacuum is Storm. — @zoebfm

I have had many wheelchairs since I was about four years old, but I had never named them! In 2019, I got my newest power chair and I gave her a fitting name Rosie, because she is mostly red. — @gotmeghansblog

My Thermomix is called Trevor@shaesheridan

I tore my ACL in college and had to use a motorized scooter to get to class due to previous back surgery. She was red and speedy, so I named her Lucy after Lucille Ball. — @sw33tch377ypi3

I named our Roomba “Elon Dusk@kielersprotte89

Our robot vacuum is named Chuck — @broooooookeeeeeee

Our Roomba is Wimp Lo. — Aléna

We called our Shark brand Roomba "Baby" so it could be "Baby the Shark"@madiwunderlich

Our vacuum is named Bernice Anders — @bennyandthejes


My car is Archibald Elbert.@wellinformednamer

Our car is Kate, and the trailer is Traylor Dane.@zoebfm

My husband named our black sonata Venom — @andreadhaertel

My corolla is named Beatrice 😂 she can be a feisty one!@rissa_jean17

My old cars were Charlene (after an episode of The Simpsons) and Audrey 2 (after my grandmother as well as a nod to Little Shop of Horrors) @sarahelinke

Our first car was called Ruby, our second was Scarlett (both red cars) and our current car (gold) is called Sunny!@reneemullaart


I have a habit of naming my personal possessions and household appliances. The weirdest thing I have named is my shower who is called Lewis. @cailinrua619

Had a non-toxic skillet we named Alan Greenpan@courtney.whitsett

My parents named a filing cabinet once… so I grew up calling it “Dwight” and not thinking it was strange at all. @alexandrajoygonzalez

My oven is named Black Betty.@sarahelinke

We have an ottoman shaped like a moose named Fred — Susanne

My doorstop is called Emil — @jaa_nii_kaa

Food, Plants, and Animals

Sourdough starter. I’m calling her Frankie. It’s inspired by Frankenstein because of all the crazy monster bubbling, but I say it’s short for Francesca — @bretagne_noelle

My brother and sister-in-law have a starter named Bubbles! They are childless by choice and often use Bubbles in place of a child in conversation. “Did we remember to feed Bubbles today? How is he doing? Does he need to be cleaned, water, etc?” @madiwunderlich

I named a cow Bingo Bongo once@oak_haven_11

A lemon named Bob — @tvkihm

I had a Basil plant I named Twins after the Austin Powers reference. After she died and I got a new basil plant, I named her Triplets.@hayli.rose

A Christmas cactus plant….Chrissy. — Courtney

A spider that was living on my bedroom ceiling. His name was Jerry@taylor_weseman

A banana that I glued googly eyes on.. her name was Patricia — @meaningful_baby_names

Everything Else

A lump of snow. I think it was Dorothy?@petra_charlotte_

In high school, I carried a water bottle called ‘Sylvia’ around with me everywhere@thegentlegrowers

As a kid, I named my sister's hula-hoop Margaret — @meg_mayfeild 

Rock with a drawn-on sharpie face… her name was Penelope@inez.hathaway

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