What would you name YOU?

June 4, 2018 katinka

Your name is a pretty huge part of your identity. You use it all day, every day, everywhere. It’s one of the first things new people learn about you, and one of the last things (hopefully!) they forget. It’s there front and center on every job application, exam paper, and official correspondence you’ll ever submit.

So it’s pretty crazy to think that your parents picked out your name at a point when they knew virtually nothing about you. Sure, we all know someone who took weeks, or even months, to settle on the perfect name for their little one, or who took a longlist of 20 name combos for each gender to the hospital to see which “fit” best. But, short of taking the “E” approach to baby naming, there is no way of choosing a name in the full knowledge of the person your child will grow up to be.

Which brings us to our Question of the Week: what name would you choose for yourself, if you could pick right now? (You can find the thread that inspired this question here).

Is there another name that you think would suit you perfectly? Or perhaps one that you’d just love to have?

Do you ever get called by the wrong name, and if so, what is it?

Do you think your parents did a good job naming you? Would you ever consider changing your name, and what would you change it to?

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