What names are you shocked to find so low on the list?

September 6, 2018 katinka

There are some undeniably great baby names near the top of the popularity charts, from timeless classics like James and Elizabeth to modern favorites like Logan and Harper. It’s often said that “popular names are popular for a reason” — and it’s true!

But what about all the other great names that, for one reason or another, are still flying under most parents’ radars?

We recently rounded up 100 of the most usable yet underused baby names in the US today; all sit well outside of the current Top 1000, and many — like Blanche and Barnaby, Edwina and Emilian — are given to only a handful of babies per year. Surprised? We certainly are!

Which brings us to today’s Question of the Week: we want to hear your most surprising underused baby names, whether classic or currently on-trend.

Which names are you shocked to see sitting so low on the charts?

Which uncommon baby names would you like to see rise (and which would you prefer to keep on the down low)?

What are your favorite names from our “usable yet underused” list? Why do you think they’re not more popular?

Which as-yet-undiscovered baby names have you got pegged for future popularity? What Share your thoughts in the comments below, or join the debate on Facebook or Twitter!


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