Day Names: Which would you pick?

If you had to pick a day name — for a child, for yourself, for a favorite — which would it be?

We skipped our usual seasonal names blog this summer because we had so much else going on, but we did meet a baby named August, and another named Julia.  We’ve been having fun watching the Showtime series Episodes, which features a character named Morning.  And on another of our favorite shows, Louie, there was a (not very nice) little boy named Never.

Day names are an ancient tradition in many cultures, most notably African ones where many names are often drawn from the time of day, day of the week, or season that a child is born.  Early African-American slave roles contain many Anglicizations of such names, from Monday to Friday, Early to Afternoon, Christmas to Easter.

In modern day America, day names are getting more attention now than ever before.  While such names as April and Autumn have been perennial hits, names like May and June are rising through the ranks and choices such as January and Sunday, Winter and Midnight are emerging.

Of course, there are also names that go at the day name idea less directly: Juliet or Noel, for instance, or a birthstone name such as Amethyst.

So if you were going to choose just one day name, which would you pick?  Here’s a list of the basics to help focus.  And why?

Would you use day names in a symbolic way — Noelle for a Christmas baby, for instance, or June only for someone really born in that month — or would you mix it up?

(And if day names are just not your style, tell us that too!)


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