Favorite Baby Names: A to Z

October 28, 2019 Emma Waterhouse

by Emma Waterhouse

We haven’t done a Nameberry alphabet challenge for a looooong time — since 2012, to be precise! — so we thought it might be fun to see how the Berries’ tastes for their favorite baby names have changed over the past seven years.

Popular picks back then included Archer, Asher and August for boys and Zara, Zinnia and Zola for girls, all of which have more or less doubled in popularity (in terms of rank) over the intervening years. Well, we do always say that our trendsetting members are great predictors of future fashions in baby names!

So, today’s Question of the Week is simple: tell us your single favorite boy name and your single favorite girl name for each letter of the alphabet.

(Yes, you have to choose just one!)

We can’t wait to see the results! Share your responses below or join us on Facebook or Twitter to continue the conversation.

Emma Waterhouse  better known as @katinka around these parts — joined the team in 2017, writing about everything from pregnancy and birth to unique baby names from fiction and fantasy. As Nameberry’s head moderator, she also helps to keep our active Forums community ticking. A linguist by background, Emma speaks six languages and lives in England‘s smallest county with her husband and three young children. You can reach her at


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