What are your guiltiest guilty pleasures?

What are your guiltiest guilty pleasures?

Here at Nameberry, we love hearing about your “Guilty Pleasure” baby names — the names you secretly adore, but would never have the guts to actually use.

Over the years, we’ve come across countless reasons why certain names get confined to strictly GP territory: they might feel too trendy or too try-hard, too popular or too pretentious, too “out there”, too ostentatious, or just a little too odd…

But are any of your secret name crushes downright outrageous?

Inspired by this fun thread from the Nameberry forums, today we’re asking you to spill the beans on your most outré, out-of-this-world, utterly outrageous baby name loves.

What’s the single most over-the-top name on your Guilty Pleasure list?

What’s the most shocking or controversial name that you just can’t help but love?

What’s the one name you’re most embarrassed to admit your secret admiration for?

And are there any truly outrageous baby names that you love so much, you’d use them anyway?

Over to you, Berries! Fess up in the comments below, or come and join the discussion on Facebook or Twitter.

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