Question of the Week: What’s Your Middle Name?

Question of the Week: What’s Your Middle Name?

Over on Instagram, we’ve been discussing middle names:

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That’s a good guess, @randypaint, but you’re actually going to want to bet on the Maries, as that’s been the most popular middle name for girls in the US since the 1970s (Brit Berries, your top middle name is Louise).? ? As for the boys — Michael held the title since the 1980s (when it was also the most popular *first* name), but was usurped by James around 2010.? ? What’s your middle name?

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Our followers are telling us all about their middle name armies, from the brigades that could take over the world — Marie, Nicole, Louise, and of course, Elizabeth — to the unique armies of one, such as Peregrine, Sian, and Hali.

Today we wanted to pose the question officially: What is your middle name?

Is it one of the Top Middle Names of the past century, detailed in our new list? Does it honor someone, or express something, or is it just….there?

And also:

How do you feel about your middle name?

What are your children’s middle names?

Share your answers below, and join us on Instagram for more conversations!

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