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By Clare Green

Happy Arbor Day! The last Friday in April is National Arbor Day in the US, a day dedicated to planting and celebrating trees. It’s a holiday in Nebraska, where the tradition started back in 1872. Some states have their own Arbor Day at different times of the year, depending on the climate. In Florida it’s as early as January, in Alaska it’s May, and Hawaii celebrates in November.

What does that have to do with names? Tree baby names are a big trend today, with many parents choosing one that represents the strength, beauty and importance of trees. Tree names in the US Top 1000 include Hazel, Willow, Rowan, Aspen, Magnolia, Holly and Laurel, as well as spinoffs like Oakley and Ashton. Even rarer names like Cedar, Cypress and Maple have seen an uptick in recent years.

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Cool Names: Clover, Clara and Clemence

By Clare Green

This week’s cool names news includes French names from Quebec, cool country music combinations, and starbabies named for a sun god and a rainforest.

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Celebrity Baby Names Q+A: Gemma Burgess

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by Sophie Kihm

Our newest celebrity baby names Q&A:

Author and screenwriter Gemma Burgess and her husband Fox Barry are parents to three sons—Errol Fletcher (age seven), Ned William (age five), and Arthur Noel (age five months). We recently chatted with Gemma about her naming philosophy and what it was like to name three boys.

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Taurus Baby Names: The sign of the bull

By E. Wittig

Names for Taurus babies, born under the second sign of the Zodiac between April 21st and May 20th, often focus on the Taurus symbol of the bull. Taureans are known for their beauty and good nature. The bull is a practical, down-to-earth sign, hard-working and devoted to the ones they love. Symbols of Taurus include roses and foxgloves, emeralds, and the color green. 

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Earth Day Names: Delta and Dune

By Linda Rosenkrantz

Since Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970, we’ve become increasingly aware of the preciousness of our natural resources and the urgency of protecting them. So how about passing on your concern for the environment by choosing one of these earth and water-friendly names for your baby? Of course you could also get more specific with a flower name like Violet or a tree name like Willow.

BayBay, which actually means ‘berry,’ is one of the most appealing of the cool water-inspired unisex names, and makes a refreshing middle name alternate to the more expected May or Ray. Zoe Kazan and Paul Dano used it as the middle name for daughter Alma.  Not to be confused with Bey/Bae, as in the nickname of Beyonce.

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