Crazy Celebrity Names: Meet Bronx Mowgli

Rockers Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz had a baby boy late last night and named him Bronx Mowgli.

Bronx is, of course, the name of a down-at-the-heels New York borough, nowhere near as fashionable — as a baby name or a place — as Brooklyn.  Usually called “The Bronx,” it’s named after early Dutch settler Jonas Bronck.

Qualifications as a celebrity baby name: It’s unusual, unexpected, New York-oriented, and it ends with the hipster brand X.  And it’s sure to get talked about — a lot.

Brooklyn and now Bronx aren’t the only New York place names turned baby names either: We’ve got a whole list of New York baby names to choose from.  Astoria, Gramercy, Tribeca, anyone?

Baby Bronx’s middle name is Mowgli, after the boy raised by wolves in Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book stories.  Kipling invented the name, which does not, he informed everyone who believed otherwise, mean “frog.”

Little Bronx Wentz (say that ten times fast) is sure to have plenty of compatible celebrity baby friends.  Brooklyn Beckham, definitely, son of Posh Spice and DavidAlabama Jennings, daughter of Shooter and Drea deMatteo, and Kingston Rossdale, son of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale.  And the two Hudsons, son of James Barbour and daughter of Gena Lee Nolin.

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