Baby Names of 2011: Nameberry Newbies so far this year

June 16, 2011 Linda Rosenkrantz

For those of you who don’t check the Birth Announcements forum on our Message Boards or aren’t yet our friends on Facebook (tsk, tsk!), we thought we’d gather up the names of the newest babyberries here for all to see.  These are all baby names of 2011—and the year isn’t even half over yet!

When Pam and I wrote our first name book back in the Era of Jennifer & Jason, it was filled with names we loved, many of which seemed quite outré to many people at that time.  MiloFelixLuluClementineAraminta?  Out of the question, we heard!

And so for us to look at a list like the one below is like a dream come true—a whole mini-universe populated by Barnabys and Beatrices, supported by such a strong community of wise and savvy advice-sharers—it all makes us feel like a pair of proud virtual godmamas.

Here they are, together with sibs and nicknames, when available:


Adele Vienne Moreau

Amelia Blythe

Annemarie Belle

Aviva (Viv) Sania Evangeline, sister of Penelope (Pippa) Esme Emilia, Shiloh Clementine Mae and Devandra (Dev) Jasper Milo

Beatrice (Bea) Wren

Beatrix Eleanor

Bettina Skye, sister of Asher Matthew

Bridget (Bridey) Isobel

Camilla (Milly) Beatrice, sister of Brigid Ceaira

Cara June

Carolina (Lina, Cara) Justine, sister of Jason Xavier, Griffin Alexander, Jackson Isaiah Phoenix and Landon Theodore Lennox

Caroline Cecilia

Cassia Genevieve, sister of Louisa (Lulu) Clementine

Cecilia Corinne

Charlotte Maia, sister of James Orion

Claire Evangeline, sister of John Clayton, Theo Xavier, Isaak Avery, Myla Elizabeth and Asher Benjamin

Clara Madeline, sister of Ethan Alexander

Clover Augusta Marie, sister of Barnaby Hawthorne Archland, Caspian Theodore James and Oceania Margaret Lucie

Daphne Calypso, sister of Juno Hermione and Hector

Daphne May, sister of Delilah

Delilah (Lily) Grace, sister of Isaiah and Eliana Jean

Dorothy Vera (Dolly), sister of Florence Marlena (Floss/ie)

Eden Rose Kessel

Eleanor Faye

Eliza Lilias Adele, sister of Conrad Zeno Matthias and Rose Freya Lucie

Elsa Jane Ingrid

Eulalie Iris

Eulalie Serena

Greta Rose

Hermione Grace

Isobel Faith

Jemima Loveday

June Adelaide

Juniper Loryl Jane

Juno Elizabeth

Juno Hermione, sister of Daphne Calypso and Hector

Kiva Abigail

Korra Juliana

Lucinda (Lulu) Galilee, brother of Caspian Purcell

Lynette Misty

Magdalenne Sanne, sister of Juliette Noelle

Maia Francis

Mary Mina

Ottalie Sabine, sister of Jemima and Estee

Penelope (Pippa) Deryn. Sister of Charlotte (Charlie) Maizie

Penelope (Pippa) Esme Emilia, sister of Aviva (Viv) Sania Evangeline, Devandra (Dev) Jasper Milo, and Shiloh Clementine Mae

Phoebe Eliza Katherine, sister of Jude William Patrick, Ramona Frances Jane and Gwendolen Margaret Anne

Piper Wren, sister of Quinn Hanna

Polly Bloom

Ramona Frances Jane, sister of Phoebe Eliza Katherine, Jude William Patrick and Gwendolen Margaret Anne

Saffron Eulalie

Ramona Mae

Sarah Katherine, sister of Maggie, KelseyRose, Emma, Mary Elizabeth, Jonah, Levi and Isaiah

Sophie-Claire, sisterof Sarah Katherine

Susannah (Sanna) Claudette, sister of Leopold (Leo Cornelius, Philippa (Pippa) Hortense and Rosamund (Rosa) Bettina

Susannah Grace

Sylvie Pearl, sister of Stella Lily and Sunday Florence

Violet Eve, sister of Gabriel Sol

Violet Isadora May, sister of Kaylee Anne, Mariah Eleyna, Aurelia Jazmyne, Owen Xavier and LilyRose September

Willa Kathleen, sister of Lachlan and Vito


Barnaby Hawthorne Archland, brother of Clover Augusta Marie, Caspian Theodore James and Oceania Margaret Lucie

Barnaby Lawrence, brother of Daphne Georgiana, Edgar Fitzroy, Horatio Valentine and Lysander Bartholomew

Charles Theophilus

Conrad Zeno Matthias, brother of Eliza Lilias Adele and Rose Freya Lucie

Crewe Lennox Gardner, brother of Tallulah Daisy, Beatrix India, Juniper Bronte and Hawthorne Wilde

Dante, brother of Aveline

Dexter Charles, brother of Atticus

Emmett Caspian, brother of Walter Benjamin

Ethan Alexander, sister of Clara Madeline

Felix Michael

Felix Newton

Felix Taz

Finn Harrison, brother of Kai

Flynn Augustus Milo, brother of Esme Ramona Piper and Isla Juniper Olive

Flynn Elliot Ashdown

George Frederick, brother of Rose and Henry

Graham August

Griffin Maxwell, brother of Quinn Alexander

Harley Bruce Jordan

Henry Morris, brother of Norah Louise and Lucy Emmamarie

Hugo Barnaby, brother of Uma and Nell

Isaak Avery, brother of John Clayton, Theo Xavier, Claire Evangeline, Myla Elizabeth and Asher Benjamin

Jackson Cole

James Edward Potter, brother of Richard and Annie

James Orion, brother of Charlotte Maia

John Clayton, brother of Theo Xavier, Isaak Avery, Claire Evangeline, Myla Elizabeth, and Asher Benjamin

Jude Alexander, brother of Arabella

Jude William Patrick, brother of Phoebe Eliza Katherine, Ramona Frances Jane and Gwendolen Margaret Anne

Leopold (Leo) Cornelius, brother of Susannah (Sanna) Claudette, Philippa (Pippa) Hortense and Rosamund (Rosa) Bettina

Merritt Leonidas Sherman, brother of Roscoe Ellis Hopper

Miles Desmond, brother of Savannah Harper

Noah Winter, brother of Arlo Isaac

North Callum

Oliver Henry

Oren Henry Booth, brother of Weston Silas

Oscar Eliot

Sebastien Malo, brother of Madeleine Anne and Graham Philippe

Spencer Sean, brother of Henry George

Sullivan Roger, brother of Jillian Mary

Theo Xavier, brother of John Clayton, Isaak Avery, Claire Evangeline, Myla Elizabeth and Asher Benjamin

Walter Benjamin, brother of Emmet Caspian

William Arthur, brother of Lacey and Pearl

Willoughby Malcolm, brother of Amelia Jo

Please add any others we might have missed!


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