Baby Names 2011: The Hottest Choices in Every Category

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What choices do we see leading the way for baby names 2011? Here, we look at some of the most popular categories for parents and pick out the specific names we predict we’ll be hearing much more of this year and in the decade ahead, based on nameberry statistics.

Biblical Names 2011

Biblical names have been popular for several decades now, which means parents are forging into new territory in search of biblical names that haven’t been overused.

Girls: Delilah, Jemima, Magdalene, Ruth, Susanna
Boys: Abel, Asher, Eli, Gideon, Levi

Celebrity Names 2011

The hottest celebrity names are either the names of newly-hot celebrities such as Isla Fisher; the fresh-sounding names of new celebrity babies, such as Flynn; new ways to use the names of megapopular celebrities, such as Anniston for Jennifer; or rediscovered names of celebrities such as Isadora Duncan.

Girls: Anniston, Evangeline, Isadora, Isla, Seraphina
Boys: Arlo, Dexter, Flynn, Penn, Rufus

Hero Names 2011

Hero names are most often drawn from the world of politics, but may come from science, art, or – veering into one of our other categories – literature.

Girls: Ada, Eleanor, Hillary, Kennedy, Mandela
Boys: Barack, Clinton, George, Jackson, Lincoln

Literary Names 2011

Literary names are one of the hottest categories for 2011, inspired by both writers and their inspirational characters.

Girls: Anais, Darcy, Eloise, Isolde, Ophelia
Boys: Archer, Atticus, Dashiell, Holden, Truman

Nature Names 2011

Nature names, like biblical names, are a category that’s been hot for so long that parents are moving beyond obvious choices like Lily and Rose in search of new ideas.

Girls: Clover, Dahlia, Ivy, Juniper, Lark
Boys: Cole, Jasper, Oak, Ranger, Rider

Nicknames 2011

Nicknames in 2011 have grown up and taken their proper place on birth certificates. Not short for anything are these hot choices.

Girls: Daisy, Edie, Kate, Maisie, Minnie
Boys: Buddy, Buster, Jack, Theo, Will

Vintage Names 2011

What’s old is new again in another popular category, with new old names being rediscovered and enjoying new appreciation. Among the hottest vintage names now are:

Girls: Aurelia, Clara, Cora, Imogen, Theodora
Boys: Arthur, Everett, Hugo, Jasper, Thaddeus

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