French from German
"desired; or island, water"

Aveline Origin and Meaning

The name Aveline is girl's name of French origin meaning "desired; or island, water".
Aveline is a name that's long been an obscure cousin of more widely-used choices, but may come into its own riding the tail of the megapopular Ava, which may derive from the same root.

Although Aveline is a cognate of the French word for "hazlenut", the name actually derives from an obscure Germanic root, the meaning of which is not clear. Theories include "desired, wished for" and "water, island".

Aveline is different enough to sound distinct, but be warned: You will forever be explaining that no, it's not Adeline, not Evelyn, and so on.

Aveline Popularity

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Famous People Named Aveline

  • Aveline de ForzCountess of Aumale, English heiress
  • Aveline de ClareCountess of Essex, English heiress
  • Aveline KushiJapanese writer
  • Jordan Aveline BlairAmerican musician

Aveline in Pop Culture

  • Aveline Vallencharacter in video game "Dragon Age II"
  • "La Fée Aveline" French comic by René Goscinny and Coq.
  • Aveline Boswellcharacter in British television comedy series 'Bread'
  • Aveline de GrandpréAmerican assassin and soldier; featured in the Assassin's Creed video games