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Sister Origin and Meaning

The name Sister is girl's name .
Sister is an old-timey nickname-name for girls, ranking in the Top 1000 as a proper name for girls until the beginning of the 20th century. But more often, Sister was used as a nickname in the truest sense of the word, not a short form ala Kathy but a nickname in the way that Chip and Bud are. Or maybe Junior is a more appropriate name analogy: Sister was sometimes the nickname given to the only girl in a family of boys, so literally a descriptive word name like Junior.

In the most recent year counted, Sister was given as a full name to zero baby girls in the US and was probably used in a casual way by not that many more.

Famous People Named Sister

  • Sister Souljah (born Lisa Williamson)American author and activist
  • Sister Blissstage name of Ayalah Deborah Bentovim, English keyboardist of Faithless
  • Sister Nancystage name of Ophlin Russell, Jamaican dancehall singer
  • Kid Sisterstage name of Melisa Young, American rapper
  • Sister Romastage name of Michael Williams, American drag queen

Sister in Pop Culture

  • Sister Bearbear character in children's book series "The Berenstain Bears"
  • Sister Grimm aka Nico Minorucharacter in Marvel Comics
  • Twisted SisterAmerican rock band
  • Sister HazelAmerican rock band
  • Sister Tonicharacter on TV's "The L Word"
  • Sister SledgeAmerican music group
  • "Sister Christian" song by Night Ranger
  • "Sister" 2012 Swiss film
  • "Sister Carrie" novel by Theodore Dreiser
  • Kid Sistera brand of life,size doll
  • Sisterterm for a nun in several religious traditions