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Gender: M Origin of West: Word name

West is the most fashionable of what you might call the direction names, with North and East (or Easton and Easter) coming up behind, and South not yet on the map.

Country singer Randy Houser named his baby boy West Yantz, but West is definitely shaping up to be a unisex name: West Flynn is the daughter of Marley Shelton, Tea Lioni and David Ducovney named their girl Madelaine West, and Maura West put her surname into middle place for her daughter Birdie.

West has an obvious western cowboy feel, very much in tune with others like Zane, Wylie and Wyatt. And it's the perfect nickname for the more buttoned-up Weston or Wesley.

Famous People Named West

West Anaximander Collins (b. 2010), son of actor Misha Collins
West Yantz Houser, son of country singer Randy Houser
Adam West, American actor
Kanye West, American rapper/producer

Pop Culture References for the name West

West Rosen, character on TV series "Heroes"
West Collins, character in the book "She Is One of the Boys" by E.M. Molleja