Steele Origin and Meaning

The name Steele is a boy's name meaning "steel".

This steely surname has a macho image that might feel more appropriate for a romance novel than a baby. But on the upside, it's also sleek and modern, familiar yet unusual, given to only around 100 boys per year in the US.

Steele Popularity

Famous People Named Steele

  • Steele Ruddpen name of Arthur Hoey Davis, Australian novelist
  • Steele SidebottomAustralian AFL footballer
  • Steele Alexander JohnsonAmerican diver
  • (Raymond) Steele Hall36th Premier of South Australia
  • (Harry) Steele SavageAmerican illustrator
  • Steele RetchlessAustralian rugby league footballer
  • Steele BishopAustralian cyclist
  • (James Morrison) Steele MacKayeAmerican actor and playwright
  • Steelestage name of Darrell A. Yates, Jr., American rapper of duo Smif,N,Wessun
  • Steele Hunter (b. 1953)son of actors Jeffrey Hunter and Dusty Bartlett
  • Steele Lickliter (b. 2008)son of golfer Frank Lickliter
  • Cochise Steele Burrowsson of actor Darren Burrows
  • Jagger Steele Parker (b. 2014)son of rugby leaguer Corey Parker

Steele in Pop Culture

  • Steelevillainous dog in animated film "Balto"