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Gender: Male Meaning of Sven: "youth" Origin of Sven: Scandinavian

The name Sven is a boy's name of Norse origin meaning "youth". Sven and is often added to lists like Cool Boy Names From Around the World and discussed in our forums with posts like "Names on NB that make you go WOW!".

From the experts:

Especially for parents of Scandinavian descent, Sven is an accessible and attractive name with an appealing mix of strength and swagger. It comes from the ancient Swedish tribe, the Sviars, who gave their name to Svealand, which later morphed into Sweden.

Sven is now most popular not in its native Sweden but in The Netherlands, where it is currently in the Top 20. But for many parents in English-speaking countries, Sven is one of the most quintessentially Swedish names.

An internationally noted bearer is Swedish cinematographer Sven Nykvist, known for his work on Ingmar Bergman films. Svens have appeared as characters in Titanic, Pixar's Cars (voiced by Arnold Schwarzenegger), as a Nintendo Pokemon and a manga character, and Marlon Brando portrayed an unlikely Sven in one of his late movies, Free Money.

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Famous People Named Sven

Sven Thorgren, Swedish snowboarder
Sven Nys, Belgian cyclist
Sven-Göran Eriksson, Swedish football manager
Sven Anders Hedin, Swedish geographer
Sven Väth, German DJ
Sven Kramer, Dutch speed skater
Sven Bender, German footballer
Sven Kums, Belgian footballer

Pop Culture References for the name Sven

Sven, a character in video game Skyrim
Sven, a reindeer in the Disney movie Frozen
Sven Vollfied, one of the main characters in the anime Black Cat
Sven Gunderson, minor character in film "Titanic"

Svewn, Sveyn, Swen, Swenson

Sven's International Variations

Svend (Danish) Svens (Swedish) Svein (Norwegian)


beachbear Says:


I've never seen Frozen, so I still visualize a strong, masculine Swede.

nipnerb Says:


Every time I see this name I read seven.

mabespark Says:


This was a strong, masculine, rarely used name... before Frozen. Now I doubt people will be able to visualize anything but a goofy, slobbering reindeer, which is a shame.

kitchi1 Says:


I can see this gaining some popularity (not much) because of Frozen. Not because they'd want to name their kid after a reindeer, but maybe because they first heard it on there and liked it, or they did want to name their son after a Disney character or something.

strawberrydino Says:


No. No. No. No.