"strong lord"

Griffith Origin and Meaning

The name Griffith is a boy's name of Welsh origin meaning "strong lord".

A classic Welsh name, softer than Griffin and friendlier to spell than Gruffudd - that hasn't had as much love as it deserves elsewhere. Namesakes range from medieval kings to the philanthropist Griffith J. Griffith, who left land to the city of Los Angeles. It's great in full, but Griff is cool too.

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Griffith Popularity

Famous People Named Griffith

  • Griffith "Griff" Rhys JonesWelsh comedian, writer, actor, television presenter and personality
  • Griffith Jenkins GriffithWelsh,American industrialist and philanthropist of Griffith Park and the Griffith Observatory
  • Griffith RutherfordIrish,born American Revolutionary general and politician
  • Griffith 'Giotto' GriffithsWelsh rugby union player
  • Griffith Wynne GriffithWelsh Presbyterian leader, academic and hymnist
  • Bill "Griffy" GriffithAmerican cartoonist
  • Andy GriffithAmerican actor
  • D.W. GriffithAmerican film director
  • Melanie GriffithAmerican actress

Griffith in Pop Culture

  • "The Andy Griffith Show" TV show starring
  • Griffith ParkLos Angeles
  • Griffith ObservatoryLos Angeles
  • "Griffith Gaunt" 1866 novel by Charles Reade
  • Griffithcharacter in the manga and anime "Berserk"
  • Griffith Universityschool in Queensland, Australia