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Gender: M Origin of Ocean: Nature name

Rarely heard since the hippy-dippy sixties and seventies, names like Ocean and River are flowing back into favor, especially with nature lovers and green-oriented parents.

Forest Whitaker, an inspired child namer (his other kids are called Sonnet and True), has a son named Ocean Alexander.

Variations include Oceanus, the name of the child who was born during the voyage of the Mayflower, and Oceane, a wildly popular girls' name in France.

Famous People Named Ocean

Ocean Maturo, American child actor, and younger brother of August
Ocean Vuong, American poet and essayist
Charlie Ocean Goldblum, son of American actor Jeff Goldblum
Frank Ocean, American singer
Ocean King PenaVega, son of actor Carlos PenaVega and actress Alexa PenaVega

Pop Culture References for the name Ocean

Danny Ocean, character played by George Clooney in the "Ocean's..." movies

Oshun, Oceanus