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Gender: F Origin of Moon: Word name

The original oddball celebrity baby name, via Frank Zappa's daughter Moon Unit, who claims she's always liked it.

Famous People Named Moon

(Korinna) Moon Bloodgood, American actress
Moon Moon Sen, Indian actress
Moon Unit Zappa (b. 1967), daughter of singer Frank Zappa
Soleil Moon Frye, American actress
Violet Moon Howey (b. 2015), daughter of actress Sarah Shahi and Steve Howey; twin of brother Knox Blue Howey
Lilakoi Moon aka Lisa Bonet, American actress
Maurice Edwin "Moon" Landrieu, American male politician
John David "Moon" Martin, American male singer-songwriter
Jameson Moon (b. 2016), son of American singer Pink

Pop Culture References for the name Moon

Sailor Moon, anime and its main character
Pandora Moon, a character on TV's "Skins"
Doctor Moon, character from Doctor Who episodes ¨Silence in the Library¨ and ¨Forest of the Dead¨
"Moon," song by Bjork