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Jinx Origin and Meaning

The name Jinx is a girl's name .

Jinx, a James Bond heroine name has an ominous meaning but kinetic energy. In the film "Die Another Day," the actual first name of the character played by Halle Berry is Giacinta.

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Famous People Named Jinx

  • Eugenia Lincoln "Jinx" FalkenburgAmerican model and actress
  • Esther "Jinx" Dawsonlead singer of American rock band Coven
  • Jinkx Monsoonstage name of Jerick Hoffer, American drag queen of RuPaul's Drag Race season 5
  • Jinx Titanicstage name of John Patrick Kamys, American male musician

Jinx in Pop Culture

  • Giacinta 'Jinx' JohnsonBond girl in film "Die Another Day"
  • Jinx Shannoncharacter on the TV show "In Plain Sight"
  • Jinxfemale ninja in the G.I. Joe series
  • Jinxvillain in DC comics
  • Li'l Jinxcharacter in Archie comics
  • Jinxcharacter in a series of stories in the British girls' comic and magazine "Girl"
  • Jinxa character in League of Legends
  • Jinxrobot in film "SpaceCamp"
  • Jinxmale character in video game "Jak II: Renegade"
  • Jinksmale clerk in "The Pickwick Papers," by Charles Dickens
  • Jinxterm meaning "to bring bad luck"
  • Jinx Averycharacter in soap opera "The Edge of Night"