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Comet Origin and Meaning

The name Comet is a girl's name .

Soaring astral name has a great gender-free feel. It also has a pleasing christmas connotation, courtesy of the reindeer listed in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

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Comet in Pop Culture

  • Cometone of Santa's reindeer
  • Comet aka Harris Mooresuperhero in Marvel Comics
  • Captain Comet aka Adam Blakesuperhero in DC Comics
  • The Comet aka John Dickeringsuperhero in Pep Comics
  • Comettwo characters in DC's Superman comics
  • Cometthe Tanner family dog on TV's Full House
  • Cometfemale character in manga/anime "Princess Comet"
  • Cometbrand of household cleaner
  • Cometa small icy space object with a tail