Day and Night Baby Names Shine All The Time

Day and Night Baby Names Shine All The Time

Baby names inspired by the time of day are among the most evocative. They capture a point in time: maybe a birth in the middle of the night, or a peaceful moment at sunrise.

There are various ways you can name a child for a special time. It could be a season (Summer, Autumn), a month (June, August), a special day (Noel, Valentine) or even a day of the week (like Rupert Grint’s daughter Wednesday, or West African day names such as Kwasi).

Names meaning a time of the day are the most specific, and because day and night are universal, such names exist in many cultures. Whether you already know what time you want to celebrate, or you’re waiting for the moment your baby arrives, there are some beautiful possibilities.

Here are 50+ of the best names for all hours of the day and night.


Names meaning day

These names have meanings relating to the daytime. Sunrise and morning are the most common, while afternoon names are sadly lacking. (Although being a Brit, I might consider Tea for an afternoon baby.) Related names include those meaning sun and meaning light.

Aamu — “morning”

Akinyi — “born in the morning”

Alba — “dawn”

Anatole — ”sunrise”

Arla — “early”

Aroon — “dawn”

Asa — “born in the morning”

Aurora — “dawn”

Ayelet — “gazelle”: in Hebrew, “gazelle of dawn” is a name for the morning star

Bayan — “morning”

Dagny — “new day”

Danica — “morning star”

Diaz — “days”

Duha — “morning”


Eleven — for the all-important elevenses snack

Lark — a bird associated with the morning

Meridian — “midday”


Morrow — “morning”

Nishant— “night’s end, dawn”

Nuru — “born in daylight”

Omondi — “born early in the morning”

Rocio — “dewdrops”

Rosana — “dawn”

Sabah — “morning”

Sahar — “dawn, morning”

Tali — “dew”

Tarana — “born during the day”

Uhtred — “pre-dawn advice”

Vihaan — “dawn”

Zenith — “highest point”

Zora — “dawn”


Names meaning evening and night

Do you have a baby born at night, or are you just drawn to the dark hours of the day? These names celebrate the night-time, and there’s even more nocturnal inspiration in our lists of names meaning dark, moon names, and star names.

Amaya — “night rain”

Arrats — “afternoon, dusk”

Atieno — “born at night”

Eha — “dusk”

Eos — “nightingale”

Esra — “night journey”

Even — old name for evening

Hesper — “evening, evening star”

Hoku — “night of the full moon”

Ilta — “evening”

Layla — “night”

Lilith — “being of the night”

Luna — “moon”

Miyabi — “beautiful night fire”

Miyu — “beautiful evening”

Nightingale — bird known for singing at night

Nisha — “night”

Nox — “night”

Orpheus — “darkness of night”

Phoebe — title for the Greek moon goddess Artemis

Samir — “evening companion”

Shirina — “night”

Stella — “star”

Sura — “to travel by night”

Vesper — “evening star”

Yvaine — “evening star”

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