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Gender: Female Meaning of Laura: "bay laurel" Origin of Laura: Latin Laura's Popularity in 2017: #340

The name Laura is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "bay laurel". Laura is ranked #340 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Classic Girl Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "Sibsets You Know".

From the experts:

Laura is a hauntingly evocative perennial, never trendy, never dated, feminine without being fussy, with literary links stretching back to Dante. All this makes Laura a more solid choice than any of its more decorative counterparts and one of the most classic girl names starting with L.

Laura has ranked on the popular names list since official US records have been kept. A frequent Top 20 name from 1963 to 1986, reaching Number 10 in 1969, Laura remained in the Top 100—minus a brief stretch from 1935 to 1944—until as recently as 2001.

The meaning of the name, laurel, implies victory via the laurel wreath worn by Olympic athletes and Roman emperors. It was first made famous by the Laura to whom the Italian Renaissance poet Petrarch dedicated many of his love poems and was later used by Dickens in Bleak House.

Well known Lauras include First Lady Bush, Little House writer Ingalls Wilder, designer Ashley, and actors Dern and Linney.

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Famous People Named Laura

Laura Ingalls Wilder, American Pioneer and children's novelist
Laura Lane Welch Bush, U.S. First Lady as wife of President George W. Bush
Laura Prepon, American actress
Laura Leggett Linney, American actress
Laura Elizabeth Dern, American actress
Laura Kaeppeler, Miss America 2012
Laura Beatrice Marling, English singer-songwriter
Laura Elizabeth Carmichael, English actress
Laura Marano, American actress
Laura Allen, American actress
Laura Sioux Kirkpatrick, American model
Laura Ilene Benanti, American actress
Laura Fraser, Scottish actress
Laura-Leigh, (born Laura Leigh Moser), American actress
Laura Ann Osnes, American actress and singer
Laura Mennell, Canadian actress
Laura Anne Ingraham, American radio host,
author, and political commentator
Laura Ewa Łącz, Polish actress
Laura Samojłowicz, Polish actress
Laura Colleen Gloria Alleway, Australian soccer players
Laura Bassett, English football player
Laura Stéphanie Georges, French football player
Laura Anna Benkarth, German football player
Laura del Rio Garcia, Spanish football player
Laura Willingham Bailey, Voice actor and player on the dnd show Critical Role
Laura Zeng, American rhythmic gymnast
Laura Halford, British rhythmic gymnast
Laura Pergolizzi, American singer-songwriter who goes by LP
Laura Sales, Portuguese rhythmic gymnast

Pop Culture References for the name Laura

Laura Holt, character on TV's "Remington Steele"
Laura Wingfield, character in The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams
Laura Roslin, character on TV's "Battlestar Galactica"
Laura Petrie, character on "The Dick van Dyke Show"
Laura Palmer, character on TV series/film "Twin Peaks"
Laura Winslow, character on TV's "Family Matters"
Laura Spencer, character on American soap "General Hospital"
Laura, character in video game Silent Hill 2
Laura Proek, character on "Fortysomething"
Laura Hellinger, character on TV series "The Good Wife"
Laura Hollis, character on the web-series, "Carmilla"
Laura Chase, character in "The Blind Assassin" by Margaret Atwood
Laura "X-23" Kinney, character in "X-Men"
Laura Victoriano, character in the video game "The Evil Within"
Laura Moon (nee McCabe), character in book and TV series "American Gods"
"Tell Laura I Love Her," song by Ray Peterson
"Laura," song by Scissor Sisters
"Laura," song by Bat For Lashes
Laura, a character from the 3DS game "Fantasy Life"
Laura Bow, main protagonist of her eponymous Sierra adventure game series
Laura Hardy, the mother of the Hardy Boys
Laura Vanderboom, character in the Cube Escape and Rusty lake series


laura_eva Says:


This is my name, and I think it's one of the best.

TrixieAlba Says:


My sister's name, but she hates it. She says almost every fictional Laura ever either dies or is already dead when the story begins. I love the sound of ver name but... Yeah, if you begin to notice, there's a lot of fictional dead wives named Laura.

paulapuddephatt Says:


Lovely, classic name

ljet Says:


My name is Laura and I love it, although I'm really in love with the name Laurel right now and think it is prettier and way less common. I am 16 and I know 4 other Laura's my age, so where I live it's quite common for my age group. Also I was pretty much named after Laura Ingalls too.

Chae-Eun Says:


One girl I knew had this name --- she was so sweet. Then she disappeared (from school) one day, and everyone lost contact... I love this name, though it makes me think of dramatic crises.

Yessica Says:


How about Lauren?
This reminds me of grandmas.. mean grandmas
Maybe I have granny issues even though I don't know a granny named Laura.

Cleora12345 Says:


Laura is such a beautiful name. It's sound rolls off the tongue gorgeously, and the meaning is pretty cool. It's softly feminine without being frilly, which is perfect.

roseofjune Says:


Who killed Laura Palmer?

Laur Says:


My name is Laura, I'm mid 20s, and always had at least one other Laura around in my age range at church, school, etc.

raefrank Says:



Theodora_Phoenix Says:


When I was little I wanted to be named Laura but now I don't because I (sorry world) don't like Little House on the prarie.

SoDallas3 Says:


I find Laura so sweet and endearing. She's classic without being predictable.

Guest Says:


Classic and timeless! Love this name

carmen_florez Says:


I know a lot of people pronounce it like "Loruh" but I think it's so much more beautiful pronounced the spanish way "laoo-ra"

kimpossible Says:


My little sister's name is Laura Elizabeth (Laura Beth). And like many, she was named after Laura Elizabeth Ingalls.

mill1020 Says:


This is my name. I am (at least partially) named after L. Ingalls Wilder. It's popular in my age group but not overly so. I like the history and simplicity of it.

Leah3456 Says:


When I first started liking names, Laura was my favorite name. The literary association is a plus.

jasminegarden Says:


ever since I read the 'Little House' trilogy of books by Laura Ingalls Wilder I have been in love with the name Laura!

Laura Says:


Laura is the best name to exist on this planet