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Wales Origin and Meaning

The name Wales is a boy's name of English origin.

Place names for boys are few and far between; this one would make a singular choice. Prince William of Wales uses this as a surname when required, as in his military life; Jimmy Wales is the entrepreneur behind Wikipedia, Clint Eastwood played the eponymous character Josey (!) Wales in the 1976 The Outlaw Josey Wales.

Famous People Named Wales

  • Wesley Wales "Wes" AndersonAmerican screenwriter and director
  • Jimmy Donal WalesAmerican founder of Wikipedia
  • Prince of Walestitle used for the British heir apparent (currently Charles, Prince of Wales)
  • Princes William and Henry "Harry" of Walessons of Charles, Prince of Wales
  • Wales Tucker Waldrop (b. 2012)son of Eric and Courtney Waldrop; featured on the TLC show “Sweet Home Sextuplets”

Wales in Pop Culture

  • "The Outlaw Josey Wales" 1976 film
  • Walescountry of the British Isles

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