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Moby Origin and Meaning

The name Moby is a boy's name .

Moby, the nickname of musician Richard Melville Hall, was thanks to his ancestor Herman Melville, creator of the infamous whale. You can imagine calling a child Moby as a cute nickname in honor of a grandfatherly Richard or Dick, but the ghost of a Dick would always follow the name around. In Melville's classic book, Moby was an invented word whose meaning has never been firmly established, though the best scholarship calls it a fictional place name that, in the custom of whaling ships of the time, helped identify the whale called Dick.

Famous People Named Moby

  • Mobystage name of Richard Melville Hall, American techno singer and songwriter
  • Milbry Eugene "Moby" BenedictAmerican baseball player

Moby in Pop Culture

  • "MobyDick," novel by Herman Melville about the title white whale
  • Moby the Robotcharacter on education website BrainPOP
  • Mobybird character in video game "Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link"
  • Moby GrapeAmerican rock band