Top Girl Names 2021

The top girl names on Nameberry in 2021 feature a new Number 1 name, Aurelia. Aurelia is an ancient Roman name meaning "the golden one". The similar Aurora also makes our girls' Top Ten names list.

The mythological Irish name Maeve ranks Number 2 and the moon goddess names Luna is in third place. Nameberry's list of top names for girls is updated monthly and shows you which names parents favor most in (almost) real time.

Nameberry's most popular girl names are different from the SSA name popularity data in that they predict future popularity, not record which names were used most in the past.

Other top baby girl names in 2021 include Eloise, Isla, Freya and Ophelia. Popular girl name trends include:

Vowel Names

Along with Aurelia, Eloise, Isla and Ophelia, other vowel names for girls popular for 2021 and moving into the future include Astrid and Alice, Elodie and Esme, Ivy and Iris.

Mythological Names

Names from the ancient myths of many cultures rank high. Popular mythological names for girls include Freya, Cora, Penelope, and Athena.

Nature Names

Along with the celestial Luna and botanical names Iris and Ivy, other nature names popular for baby girls right now include flower names Violet and Rose, the tree-related Willow and Juniper, star name Nova, gem name Ruby, and spice name Sage.

Here are the top baby girl names on Nameberry right now.

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