Popular Girl Names

Popular girl names right now include the Irish goddess name Maeve, the moon goddess name Luna, and the ancient Roman name Aurelia.

Nameberry's list of popular names for girls is updated monthly and shows you which baby girl names parents favor most in (almost) real time. Nameberry's most popular girl names are different from the official name popularity lists in that they predict future popularity, not record which names were used most in the past.

Other top baby girl names in 2021 include Esme, Eloise, and Freya. Popular trends for girl names reflected in the current statistics include vowel names for girls like Isla and Ophelia, goddess names such as Freya and Athena, and nature names like Iris and Ivy.

Baby names 2021 and going into 2022 represent a major departure after the world-altering events of 2020. Parents today are looking for names that represent a fresh start for them and their children, with positive meanings, more inclusive values, and forward-leaning style.

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