Simple, Sleek, Cool Names

by Pamela Redmond

Simple names -- one syllable, with uncomplicated spellings and straightforward sounds -- have been a trend recently, in the US along with several European countries. These sleek, simple names sound modern and cool.

Many of today's top international names, such as Emma and Liam, fit into the sleek, simple set. Along with Emma and Liam, sweet and simple names ranking in the Top 1000 of international name popularity lists include Ada, Eve, and Sam.

Here are some of the best simple names in style today.

  • Ace


    No longer tied to the hapless Ace Ventura, this jaunty, high-flying nickname name is starting to take flight among celebrity and other parents, with its countless positive references to doing well... Read More 

  • Ada


    Ada is one of the classic baby names for girls that is suddenly super stylish again. A favorite at the end of the nineteenth century, Ada is an alternative to... Read More 

  • Art


    Though short and brisk, no nickname name could have a more creative image. Comic actor Chris O'Dowd named his son Art, as in his native Ireland it's used as a name on its own, separate from... Read More 

  • Ava


    Ava was given a huge popularity boost -- Ava's currently the Number 3 girl name and the top Read More 

  • Bard


    Great Irish middle name choice for Shakespeare lovers. Read More 

  • Bas


    Bas is a fashionable name in its own right in the Netherlands, where it's been in the Top 10. Used throughout Europe, it may have a future here as a straightforward-but-charming nickname name. ... Read More 

  • Bax


  • Bay


    One of the most usable of the pleasant, newly adopted nature/water names (like Lake and Ocean), especially in middle position.

    There was a character named Bay Kennish on the show... Read More 

  • Bee


    We've seen Beatrice and Beatrix climb in popularity, along with traditional nickname Bea. And now there's Bee, giving it a buzzy nature world spin, plus a tie to popular late night TV''s Samantha... Read More 

  • Ben


    Ben, the diminutive of Benjamin or Benedict, can easily stand on its own as a simple, strong, nice-guy choice, though it's somewhat attenuated. Ben is this generation's Bob or Bill. Read More 

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