Four Syllable Baby Names

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Four-syllable baby names carry an elaborate charm and provide the perfect balance for a short last name.

Four-syllable names that have ranked near the top of the charts in recent years include Olivia and Isabella for girls and Alexander for boys. Along with Olivia and Isabella, other four-syllable names ranking in the US Top 1000 for girls include Angelina, Ariana, Elizabeth, Valentina, and Victoria. Along with Alexander, other high-ranking four-syllable boy names include Antonio, Giovanni, and Jeremiah.

Unique four-syllable names we recommend include Aurelius and Octavius for boys, Persephone and Raphaela for girls, and Indiana and Oleander for either gender.

Four-syllable baby names may prove to be a lot of name for a youngster to carry, but many four-syllable names come with shorter, cuter nicknames. Elizabeth may be Liz or Bess, Alexander Alex or Xan, and Leonora Lena or Nora.

Here is our collection of the best four-syllable baby names today.

  • Adelina

    Adelina is back in the Top 1000 after an absence of nearly a century, thanks to the meteoric rise of her sister name Adeline -- along with Adelaide, Adele, and Ada. Some parents choose Adelina... Read More 

  • Adriana

    This a-ending feminine form of Adrian, from the northern Italian city of Adria, is a soft and lovely Italian choice. It appears as a character in Shakespeare's The Comedy of Errors. ... Read More 

  • Alexander

    Alexander is derived from the Greek name Aléxandros, composed of the elements aléxein, meaning “to defend,” and aner, meaning “man.” According to Greek legend, the first... Read More 

  • Alexandra

    Alexandra is the feminine form of Alexander, which ultimately derived from the Greek components alexein, meaning “to defend,” and anēr, “man.” In Greek mythology, Alexandra was... Read More 

  • Alivia

    While Alivia may not have achieved the megapopularity of its mother name, it's still a widely used choice. Alivia combines the trendiness of A names with the trendiness of Olivia to create a... Read More 

  • Aloysius

    This name is a classic example of an underused golden oldie that ticks so many boxes - unusual yet traditional, heaps of cute nicknames, a statement name that exudes retro cool. Aloysius is the... Read More 

  • Amadeus

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's middle name could make an interesting pick for music-loving parents--if only in middle place. Amadeus is the title of a Peter Shaffer play which became an... Read More 

  • Amaryllis

    If you love both unique baby names and flower names for girls, Amaryllis might be a perfect choice for you. A showier flower name... Read More 

  • Anabella

    We like all forms of this name—Annabel, Anabel, Annabelle, Anabela, and Annabella—so you decide how elaborate you want to get. Actress Sela Ward chose the Anabella spelling.Read More 

  • Anastasia

    Anastasia is the feminine form on Anastasius, a Greek name derived from the word anastasis, meaning “resurrection.” It was a common name among early Christians, who often gave it to... Read More 

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