Baby Girl Names Ending in Y

Girl names that end with the letter Y have gone from ordinary to quaint, with the ee sound today as likely represented by an i, an ey, or an eigh as with a Y.

Emily is the top girl name ending with Y in the US. Along with Emily, other girl names that end with Y in the US Top 50 include Avery, Riley, Zoey, Lily, Aubrey, and Audrey.

Unique Y-ending names on our recommended list range from the botanical Bryony. to the vintage Polly and the Biblical Mercy. But Y is a classic and serviceable way to end names or nicknames for girls. Here are a collection of baby girl names, from traditional to contemporary, buttoned-up to informal, that can end in the letter Y.

If you want to look beyong curated group of y-ending names for girls , see our complete list of Girl Names Ending in Y.

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