Winter Baby Names: What’s Your Favorite?

We’ve noticed a lot of expectant parents find their way to nameberry searching for winter baby namesNicole Richie may have sparked the thought last year when she chose one of the winter baby names for her daughter, Harlow Winter Kate.  Or perhaps it was Mad Men‘s January Jones who trained the spotlight on the idea of winter names.

Names that symbolize winter (or say it straight out) might be thought of as a branch of day names, the ancient class of names used by some cultures in Africa and elsewhere based on the day or time of year a baby is born. These can denote a time of day (Morning, Afternoon), a day of the week (like Nicole Kidman’s Sunday), a month (we all know about June and August), a holiday such as Easter or Christmas, or a season, with Summer and Autumn being much more popular in the past than Winter.

Day names of all kinds are undergoing a revival as parents search for unique names that carry personal meaning. Since many of the parents flocking to nameberry right now are expecting over the winter months, this seems an appropriate topic for a nameberry poll. Of the newest, freshest choices for girls, what’s your very favorite?

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