Valentine's Day Baby Names

Valentine's Day baby names are those with a theme and a meaning of love. Names that mean love have a wonderful feel for babies born any time of the year, but of course seem especially appropriate for a baby born on or near February 14.

The most popular names for Valentine's Day babies are Valentina for girls and the classic David for boys. Along with Valentina and David, other Valentine's Day names ranking in the US Top 1000 include Amy, Rhys, Freya, Conor, Esme, and Oscar.

Unique names for Valentine's Day babies on our recommended list include Amias, Amedea, Hart, Cordelia, Erasmus, and Kerensa.

Along with love, we include here names that mean beloved, heart, and desire, as well as the names of mythical lovers. If you're naming a Valentine's Day baby, consider one of these names connected with love and romance.
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