Winter Baby Names: A blizzard of cool choices

February 14, 2017 namenculture

By Meredith Testa

There was a major snowstorm where I live recently, which of course got me thinking about names for babies born in a blizzard. I couldn’t find any examples that mean “terrible timing, little one,” but some of the names below may work.

Eira, Eirwen– Both names come from the Welsh word meaning “snow.” They’re gentle, airy names, almost like snow itself. Other variants are Eiry, Eiriol (AYR-yol) and Eirlys (AYR-lees).

Pyry– This Finnish male name means “blizzard.” The y’s are pronounced like the u sound in the words “rue” or “uber,” so phonetically, Pyry is more like “pue-rue.” I would expect most Americans to say Pie-ree.

Winter– An up and coming unisex word name, Winter is just starting to catch on. It remains unranked for boys but stands at #549 for girls. Gretchen Mol and Sean Parker have daughters named Winter.

Boris– This Eastern European name may be so far out it’s in. Its origins are uncertain, but it’s believed to come from the word for “wolf” or “snow leopard.” Boris is now most popular in the Netherlands, where it’s Number 104. Boris Pasternak was the author of Doctor Zhivago; Frankenstein star Boris Karloff was born William Henry Pratt.

Snow A blizzard name for fans of the literal. Forever linked to Snow White. Singer Lisa Lopes named her daughter Snow back in 1993.

Nieves Translate snow into Spanish and you’ve got a thinly disguised snowy baby name. Nieves is a common Spanish surname, especially in Puerto Rico. It’s a first name bestowed in honor of the Virgin Mary. The Portuguese version is Neves; Neve, as in actress Neve Campbell, is the Anglicized spelling of the Irish Niamh, all of which mean snow, and Neve was chosen by Conan O’Brien for his daughter.

Audra– It’s a variant of Audrey (“noble strength”), but also the Lithuanian word for snow. Broadway actress Audra McDonald is the most famous contemporary bearer.

Primrose– The primrose (prime rose) was so named because it is among the first plants to flower after winter. It could make a good option for a girl born at the end of a hard winter, literally or metaphorically. Primrose is one of the Rose variations beginning to trend, especially after being the name of the sister of Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games trilogy and a Lord of the Rings character as well.