Names That Mean Pure

Baby names that mean pure or innocent symbolize the essential innocence of a newborn. With each baby, our faith in the purity of new life is restored.

The top girl name meaning pure is Katherine in all its variations. Along with Katherine, other girl names meaning pure in the US Top 1000 include Kate, Bianca, Gwen, Jennifer, and Zuri.

The top boy name meaning pure or innocent is Finn. Along with Finn, other boy names with meanings related to innocence that rank in the US Top 1000 include Arjun, Gavin, and Xavier.

Purity or innocence is a name meaning commonly found in the etymology of first names. With many names originating from religious sources, from the Bible to the Torah to the Koran to saints' names and other religious tracts, purity or innocence from sin was a common meaning and a desirable quality.

Also included here are some names with meanings related to purity and its symbols: names associated with the color white, for instance, and names that mean new or virginal. Baby names for boys and girls that mean pure or innocent include the following.

  • Acacius

    The name Acacius is a boy's name of Greek, Latin, Ancient_Languages/Civilizations origin meaning "thorny; or, innocent, not evil". Acacius is a Latinized form of the Ancient Greek Akakios and can... Read More 

  • Adara

    The name Adara is a girl's name of Arabic, Hebrew origin meaning "virgin; or noble, exalted". Perfect name for a Virgo or an Aries baby. It is also the name of a character in the fantasy... Read More 

  • Agnes

    The name Agnes is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "pure, virginal". Agnes is the Latin variation of the name Hagne, which itself derived from the Greek word hagnos, meaning... Read More 

  • Agyness

    The name Agyness is a girl's name meaning "pure, virginal". When British beauty Laura Hollin morphed into supermodel Agyness Deyn, she created a name few others would want to adopt.Read More 

  • Alba

    The name Alba is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "white". Alba is quietly making a behind-the-scenes comeback, perhaps thanks to actress turned baby-product mogul Jessica Alba. Last on the... Read More 

  • Alban

    The name Alban is a boy's name of Latin origin meaning "white, or, man from Alba". An ancient and highly unusual name; St. Alban -- sometimes also called Albinus or Aubin -- was an early martyr... Read More 

  • Alva

    The name Alva is a unisex name of Irish origin meaning "white". While the male Alva or Alvah relates directly to the minor Biblical character, the female version is more likely an anglicized form... Read More 

  • Amena

    The name Amena is a girl's name of Celtic origin meaning "honest, utterly pure". A possible Born Again name -- Amen -- in the same class as the still-popular Nevaeh (that's Heaven spelled... Read More 

  • Arjun

    The name Arjun is a boy's name of Hindi origin meaning "bright, shining, white". Popular in India and among Indo-Americans, this name of the hero of a famous Hindu epic has an extremely pleasing... Read More 

  • Azra

    The name Azra is a girl's name meaning "virgin". Azra is a perennial favorite Arabic name for girls in Turkey, Bosnia and... Read More 

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